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Chairmans Report for year ending 31 August 10

Brian Worthington Chairman

This is a concise account of some of the main activities undertaken by CHIS during this period

Accounts of the full range of activities can be found in the regular Newsletter or at the CHIS Website:

The audited accounts will be presented at the AGM on 26 October 2010.

The range of achievements by the Committee and members is outlined in this newly designed Annual Report. Government initiatives to extend residentsí engagement with local decision-making are laudable yet demand a high price in time and effort from amenity volunteers.

Membership recruitment continues steadily, helped by the Publicity Groupís ideas, including the development of relations with business communities. Frequent requests for our opinion from broadcasting, newspaper and magazine media about local issues show that we maintain our reputation as one of the most effective residentsí organizations in the kingdom.

Donations in aid of worthwhile projects as recognition of effort include help, nationally, to re-establish the Civic Trust; the Plimsoll bust; The West Bristol Arts Trail; Royal York Gardenís retaining wall; the Brunel Swivel Bridge; the Manor Hall Training Fund; the Bristol Synagogue Fund.

My thanks to all those who have helped CHIS maintain its standing over the past year.

We all look forward to another year of challenge and achievement.

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