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CHIS Streetscape- bins

Maggie Shapland
Streetscape- the term which describes all that one sees in a street in addition to buildings, such as pavements, street furniture, traffic and other signs. Whereas attention is often paid to preserving buildings, especially in Conservation Areas, the streetscape is often overwhelmed by unecessary clutter and poor workmanship.

Bins and rubbish

Clifton is a beautiful place. Commercial and domestic waste bins on the street are ruining its beauty, as well as blocking up pavements.

Dec 2012: Households are required to have off-street storage if they want a wheelie bin and should only leave the bin on the pavement when a collection is due. If a bin is continually left on the pavement, the residents will initially be warned to remove it and given a reasonable amount of time to action this. Ultimately the bin will be taken away if the residents continue to leave their bin permanently out, although we always try to work with the residents to find a resolution first.

I have therefore raised a job with the Area Environment Team today advising them that this is a problem in Clifton and asking for residents to be contacted.

Should you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Services Centre either by telephone, email, or using the website :

0117 9222100

commercial bins commercial bins
commercial bins commercial bins
domestic bins domestic bins
domestic bins Beautiful doorways, but bins and estate agents boards and terrible pavements (but at least the coal hole plates are still there)-sigh

Cigarette Butts

bins and butts
Not content with leaving bins in the street, why not collect cigarette butts too. What kind of an advertisement for the establishment is this?
Cigarette butts floating in plastic bucket


A clear pedestrian route shall be maintained for those walking past the premises. This should preferably be adjacent to the kerb to ensure that most pedestrians and particularly those with visual impairments can maintain their regular route. There should normally be a minimum width of 1.8 metres. Emergency exits from adjacent buildings must not be obstructed by the seating area or bins.

Blocked Pavement

blocked pavement
If it is not tables and chairs blocking the pavement it is bins and lorries!

Examples of Good Streetscape- litter bins

Clifton litter bin
Bristol City Council has provided very attractive litter bins. CHIS helped with design and provided funding.

Examples of Bad Streetscape

  • This bin has a notice on it stating that it must not be left on the pavement or road.
    after collection.
    Rubbish around bins
    on step,

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