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CHIS News Archive 2009

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Alice Roberts

Alice Roberts
Alice gave a fantastic, popular talk "The Incredible Human Journey" on 13 October 2009.

Green belt development

Evening Post
Concerned residents and campaigners packed Bedminster Down School hall last night for a meeting to discuss the controversial Ashton Park plan. In the next few months, North Somerset District and Bristol City councils will consider an outline planning application for a plan to build about 9,500 new homes and other facilities in Ashton Vale over the next 20 years. Also within the plan for the area between the A38 at Dundry and the A370 Long Ashton bypass are shops and offices, a leisure centre, a new secondary school and as many as six new primary schools. The Government has said thousands of new homes will be needed in the Bristol area as part of the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS). And although the RSS has not yet been ratified nationally, council planners could make a provisional decision on the Ashton Park plans in January.

Suspension Bridge

4 October 09: More maintenance- this time by climbers on the chains
Suspension Bridge Suspension Bridge
5 April 09: Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge was closed on Saturday evening after a crack was found in one of its metal hanging rods. Dorothea Restorations came to the rescue.
Suspension Bridge
undoing the 150 year old stud after supporting the chains
Suspension Bridge
the break can clearly be seen
Suspension Bridge
removing the broken rod
Suspension Bridge
David Anderson the Bridge Master looking at the stud
CHIS Suspension Bridge Pictures

New Neighbourhood Partnership Next meeting for the Cabot, Clifton and Clifton East Partnership. All welcome
5 October 2010, Council House 7pm-9pm.
This is a chance for you to air your views of Bristol City Council Services For more details contact Ariaf Hussain on (0117) 922318 or email

At the meeting on 2nd March it was resolved that:

Bristol is establishing 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships (NPs) across the city. These will be clusters of two or three wards, ie 20-30K people. A few of these structures are already well established. Most are in their very early stages.

This sounds very familiar. For Network groups 'our' department is Planning and 'community involvement' is what we've been banging on about for years with regard to 'early, effective and ongoing involvement in the preparation of all development plans', S106 planning obligations, allocation etc.
The NPs themselves will be drawn from local residents (in practice that usually means local organisations), local businesses and elected representatives, ie councillors. These, hopefully, will build productive links with officers paid to deliver services in particular areas. It's early days yet, but the talk is of a transfer of some budgets to these bodies and that they will become significant players in determining 'neighbourhood' agendas. Some even talk of 'urban parishes', but that's way down the line.
The most successful NPs, so far, are those that have shown themselves to be independent of the statutory organisations and really interested in empowering local people.
NPs, we are told, will be the main focus and forum of neighbourhood working in the future for statutory agencies. Working with your NP is likely to be a good way to win friends and influence people. Time will tell....

The Neighbourhood Planning Network (NPN) administration group will identify those NPs in which there is no Bristol NPN member or the organisation is only concerned with part of the area and do what they can to get a good Bristol NPN representation in all the NP areas. They don't know how (or if) this is going to work in practice.

West Bristol Art Trail

Fantastically successful inaugural year. The trail twists its path through the work of 120 artists exhibiting in over 50 homes and venues throughout the area. You will discover ceramicists, filmmakers, jewellers, painters, photographers, printmakers, sculptors and textile artists as you follow the trail from its bed in Hotwells and the richly historic docks, through a maze of cobbled lanes and secret passages to the summit, the Georgian stateliness of Clifton and as far as Blackboy Hill.
CHIS has been a major sponsor
More details on

Removal of grade II listed lamp post in Clifton Park

21 Sept 09: A grade II listed lamp post has recently been removed from Clifton Park just by the Roman Catholic Cathedral. It was knocked down by a Council dustcart. It was a particularly fine specimen with very ornate ladder rests, and had a traditional lantern. It also had a separate adjacent feeder pillar so was electrically safe too. It was also a very substantial post so very unlikely to have rotted. We are trying to get it repaired and put back under insurance. Any person looking at this post should surely have been aware that it was out of the ordinary. It was even well looked after and freshly painted! Pictures and more detail can be seen on the streetscape section

Window boxes

window boxes
1 July 09:CHIS sponsored 360 to put the window boxes outside the library in Princess Victoria Street

Sutton House, Clifton Down Bristol BS8 3HT (bottom of Canygne Rd)

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