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Traffic and Parking in Clifton

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parking on junction cycle parking

Residential Parking Feedback/ Review

If you have any feedback about proposals, please e-mail or write to:
Highways and Traffic, Bristol City Council, Wilder House, Wilder Street, Bristol BS2 8PH

Monday 28 Sept 2015 7pm: At the Clifton and Clifton East Neighbourhood Forum, you will be able to find out more about the review
Sept/Oct 2015: Clifton village scheme was implemented in March 2015. Every household and business will be invited to participate in the six month review, which will happen in the autumn, but the Council RPZ team are always ready to listen to feedback outside review periods and monitor problems with the scheme. They are particularly interested in what you think about operating hours, location of different kinds of permit, anomolies.

Cliftonwood parking review published September 2015 (implemented 27 May 2014)

Additional Cycle Stands in Clifton Village

Bristol City Council have issued a cycle rack consultation document for additional cycle stands in Clifton Village. If you would like further information or would like to comment on the proposed locations, please email or call them on 0117 903 6822.

Hotwells cycling schemes

June 2015: Drawings shown at consultation in June

October 2014 RPZ signage

Bristol City Council has begun the preliminary work on signage in readiness for the advent of residents' parking in the Clifton Village zone. The actual signs are due to appear in January. (Do check the guide to RPZ signage pavement markings).

There have been some concerns that in adjacent areas, where RP is already in operation, signs and posts have sometimes been ill placed and that unnecessary damage has been caused to pennant flagstones.

Whilst CHIS accepts that signage must be legible and enforceable and pay machines visible, we are keen that the paraphernalia associated with RP should cause as little damage as possible to our environment. Consequently there have been discussions with council staff and local councillors regarding the proposals for Clifton Village with a view to ensuring that signs are sensitively placed, kept to a minimum and the wishes of residents taken into account so far as is possible.

If you are have any queries regarding signage near you then they should be addressed to

We would remind CHIS members that, in those parts of Clifton where RPZ will be introduced in the Spring, there is still time to apply NOT to have 'no parking' lines painted on the road across one's driveway. The e-mail address to send the request to is:

22 October 2014 Tyndale Community Forum

Tyndale Community Forum are hosting a meeting on 22 October 2014 7:30 for 8pm. Parking in Clifton and Whiteladies Road
Introduced by John Toy, Bristol City Council Residents' Parking Stakeholder, Liaison

23 September 2014 Clifton East update

It was stated at the Neighbouthood Forum that since the consultation had been completed, Work on the street markings and furniture (signs/meters) will start in January 2015 with the scheme being implemented in March 2015 at the same time as Clifton Village. There will be consultation on signage and a presentation will be made at the Neighbourhood Partnership. Residents have already been asked if they want a sign on their railings or their wall. If there is no response it will be placed on a post.

3 September 2014 Clifton East update

Formal consultation is due to take place in October 2014. A summary of changes from the initial proposals and the final proposals will also be published online at this time.

Decision to proceed If a decision is made to proceed with the scheme the proposed build start date is March 2015 and launch date late April 2015.

20 August 2014 Clifton Village update

RPZ Clifton Village - Delayed start date

George Ferguson contacted BID Clifton Village and Business West to let them know that as the timescale for getting the Clifton Village RPZ in place is running so close to Christmas he has made the decision to delay its implementation.

He is keen for those affected to feel he is listening and believes this move will provide sufficient time for both the Businesses and Council to make substantial preparations ahead of the scheme being implemented.

This move will ensure that any implementation issues do not cause disruptions to the Christmas trade in Clifton Village and it will enable 2 park and ride services to become established in the meanwhile.

Work on the street markings and furniture (signs/meters) in Clifton Village will start in January 2015 with the scheme being implemented in March 2015.

17th July 2014 Clifton Village update

BID Clifton Village is grateful that Bristol City Council has listened to some of the concerns of businesses and has helped improve the previously proposed residents parking scheme with:

27 may 2014 Clifton Village update

Further consultation will be undertaken by Bristol City Council with regard to:

1 May 2014 Clifton Village update from Barbara Janke

Thank you for letting me know of your concerns about the proposals for residents’ parking in Clifton village. I have received a very large number of emails on this subject – literally several hundred, so forgive me for this round robin of a reply. I did try to respond individually to start with but have been overwhelmed by the volume of emails, which continue to come in.

I will try to respond to some of the wider concerns raised here. Where people have raised particular circumstances and/or specific information is needed, I have asked officers to respond individually. However, as there have been a record number of replies to the traffic regulation order consultation this may be delayed.

The process continues as follows: The consultation closed on 11th April and officers will now consider the responses and proposed amendments to the scheme. Councillors will be provided with a summary of the issues raised and any proposals to amend the published scheme. A final proposal will then be published with a recommendation to the Mayor to approve or to reject. If the scheme is approved, then work to install the necessary measures will start in July/August with a view to the scheme becoming operational in August/September.

Although I cannot predict the outcome of the consultation, my belief is that a scheme will be approved by the Mayor on the current schedule. The timing of the scheme has been very much based on the likely consequences of the imminent introduction of the Clifton Wood scheme which are that commuters displaced from Clifton Wood roads will move to the adjoining area of Clifton village and cause even greater parking problems here.

There is no doubt that the introduction of the scheme in Clifton village raises more complex issues than in areas such as Kingsdown and Clifton Wood because of the large numbers of visitors and their needs as well as the shops and many businesses. However the Mayor’s intention to introduce a city-wide residents parking scheme means that as the schemes roll out , areas without a scheme will become free commuter car parks with even worse pressures than at present. Even if there is no difficulty with parking at present the roll-out across the city will bring even more pressure on the remaining free parking. So we have little choice but to try to get a scheme that will go some way to addressing some of the major concerns that have arisen. Quite a few people tell me they would like a scheme in Clifton but disagree with some of the present proposals. I will try to address some of these below.

Issues of concern

  1. Hours of operation of the scheme Monday to Saturday from 9am to 9pm. The rationale for these hours is one that has been raised by many residents of central Clifton village over the years i.e. that the most pressure on parking is from 7pm in the evening until around 11pm as people come to use the restaurants and pubs. Although this is not a problem at present for all residents who have this time of operation, once the scheme is introduced with more shared residents and visitors parking, there is the possibility that evening parking pressures will spread to adjoining areas and get worse in the central area. I have suggested that where these hours exist a larger number of free visitors permits should be provided.
  2. Visitors parking – the proposals allow for 120 permits of 24 hour duration per household per year –these will be available to all households, regardless of whether they are car-owners. Half of these would be free(60) with £1 per permit being charged for the subsequent 60 – I have asked that the number entitlement and the number of free permits should be extended to areas with extended hours of operation – see above
  3. Whether there are enough parking spaces for all the cars – there is no doubt that the potential number of cars hugely exceeds the number of parking spaces. Once local businesses and visitors are included this is even more of a consideration. One factor that may help this is that students’ cars will need to be registered at an address within the zone to be entitled to a permit. Also even where this is the case, houses in multi-occupancy with many let rooms will be treated as one household. As during the student holidays there is less pressure on parking places, let us hope that the scheme will have a similar effect. However I am concerned that there appears to be no estimate of the number of places needed here and no business plan on which the costs of introducing the scheme are related to the income generated. If people are to have confidence that this is not just a further tax on people living near the city centre, which could easily be increased, then a transparent analysis of the project needs to be available to the public I have pressed officers for this so far, I have not received a satisfactory response. I will continue to push for this with officers and with the Mayor.
  4. Shops and businesses closing and Clifton losing its vibrant hub – I know many residents are anxious about the effect of the RPS on the busy and animated village centre that we all value. There is a lack of understanding about how it is not only the visitors and residents that support all the shops and restaurants but firms of engineers, architects, medical practices and other businesses, which are all part of the economic future of the village. I have supported the efforts of the traders to engage with the Mayor and make him understand their concerns, attended many meetings with them and continue to raise issues with the Mayor on behalf of local business.
  5. The quality of the environment in the conservation area – the presence of parking bays, white and yellow lines and the need for Pay and Display ticket machines are all features that will be unwelcome in the unique surroundings of Clifton. I have said the council must be flexible and sensitive about the siting of ticket machines, street lines and furniture and asked for a mobile ‘phone parking scheme to be introduced to limit the number of unsightly Pay and Display machines
  6. Lack of public transport and car parks – many people have raised the fact Clifton is one the very few shopping centres in the city with no car park of its own – some years ago I tried with local residents to get the council to put a car park in Merchants Road , when the old car salesrooms were demolished but the then Labour council did not consider it a priority so the site was sold to developers. There is no doubt that a car park would have eased the pressures but not solved the problems. Although there is now an extension to the Long Ashton Park and Ride into Clifton there is still a lack of public transport for people who work in Clifton. I have been looking at whether there could be a shuttle bus service from the Jacob Wells Car Park at the Triangle but am finding funding at this time is difficult.
  7. Whether there could be a scheme that is a lighter touch that would stop commuter parking but not need such major interventions In the past there have been three attempts to introduce residents parking schemes in Clifton. I supported the majority of residents at the time who rejected these specific proposals, although they agreed that parking was a major problem in Clifton. Following the earlier proposals, I asked that a more limited scheme be considered. For example if the objective of preventing commuter parking is the main objective, whether a limited parking restriction scheme be introduced to prevent whole day parking. This was rejected, the reason being that it would not raise enough revenue to pay for it to be enforced. I again asked that this be investigated. However the Mayor was clear that the schemes should be the same across the city and was unwilling to consider different schemes for different areas.
In conclusion, there has been a clear undertaking from the Mayor that he will proceed with a city-wide scheme, whether or not there is local opposition. Please be assured that I will do my best to get the very best arrangements on offer and will monitor progress as the schemes roll out so that minor changes can be introduced where necessary and that where this is not possible, a comprehensive review takes place after six months of operation. Best wishes, Barbara Janke Councillor for Clifton

Clifton Trader Protests

18 March 2014 update

Traffic orders for Clifton Village and Clifton West can be seen in Clifton Library from 20th March (the library is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays so in practise it will be Friday) and on the Council RPS web page.
Initially, the idea was to run the scheme from Mondays to Saturdays between 9am and 7pm. But now the plan is to split the operating times so in the streets north of Clifton Park, it would run from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. South of Clifton Park, it would run Monday to Saturday, between 9am and 9pm. Mr Mann said "The proposed extended hours in the south of the scheme area are intended to protect local traders during the day and the leisure economy during the evening by making it easier for customers of shops and restaurants to find somewhere to park. The permit holders' parking spaces would be prioritised for local residents, businesses and organisations and would dissuade people who are visiting the city centre from leaving their cars in the village. The north of the scheme area is less residential and does not experience the same level of parking pressure as the south. Our flexible approach of varying the proposed hours of operation means that there would be more parking spaces available for visitors to Bristol Zoo and the general area on Saturdays."

Cliftonwood are now liaising with Sam Kirby at the Council about their fears about street furniture clutter. Their first thoughts are that the proposed signs are smaller than feared and the approach of fitting them to railings rather than installing posts looks sensible. Read more:

8 Feb 2014 update

Cliftonwood and Hotwells now approved. Work on site will start soon with completion dates of May 2014. The agreed operating conditions for these two latest schemes, and the programme details for all of them can be viewed on the council's website at

The Cliftonwood and Hotwells scheme will operate from Monday to Saturday between 9am and 7pm. As the operating hours of the scheme in Cliftonwood and Hotwells are longer, households can apply for up to 120 visitors' permits each year. The first 60 are free and the next 60 cost £1 each. Each permit is valid for one day but can be swapped between vehicles on that day. However, they cannot be transferred between households and must not be sold on.

Currently finalising proposals for Clifton Village having carefully considered all of the feedback received during the informal consultation that took place last autumn. Shortly publishing a feedback report which sets out response to the comments received and summarises the changes proposed as a result. The statutory consultation will take place in February/March 2014. If the decision is made to implement the scheme, BCC anticipate that works on site will start in May/June and will be complete during the summer. There has been a slippage of 2 months.

Keep Clifton Special

Wed 13 November 7pm, Clifton High School: Public Meeting about Residents Parking (organised by 'Keep Clifton Special')
More details

4 November 2013 Clifton and Clifton East Forum

Updated information about proposed roll out of residents parking

Report presented to the Downs Committee on 18th November 2013

Oct 2013 Scheme Programme

Review comments and amend plans Oct-Nov 2013
Statutory Consultation Jan 2014
Consider objections and decision to proceed Feb 2014
Pre-commencement March-July
Scheme operational July / Aug 2014
Six-month and annual Reviews 2015 onwards

30 September 2013 Clifton Village and Clifton West

These proposals are for a scheme that operates from Monday to Saturday between 9am and 7pm. The Council are particularly interested to know whether these hours are sufficient or whether you would prefer a scheme that runs from 9am to 9pm.

Please could you provide the Council with any feedback that you may have by Friday 4th October 2013.

Residents permits

One RPS area Up to two registration numbers
Up to 3 permits if no off-street parking 1 permit if off-street parking
Permit type Permit cost
Residents 1st permit £48* The first permit cost would vary depending on vehicle emissions, as set out below.
Band A Free
Band B £24
Band C-K £48
Bands L and M £72
The problem is that cars built before 2001 do not have vehicle emissions values! Are they £48 or £72?

Residents 2nd permit £96
Residents 3rd permit £192

Other permits

Permit Validity Annual Cost Number available
Visitors (to residents) One RPS area
Any vehicle visiting the resident on the day of use (can be passed between visitors on day of use)
Free for 1st 60 permits
£1 each for 2nd 60 permits
Up to 120 day permits per annum
Available to any resident (whether they have a residents permit or not)
Business All RPS areas where business has premises.
Up to 2 vehicles
£240 (£140*) Up to 7 permits per premises (any combination)
Customer One RPS area Any vehicle £250 (£150*) Up to 7 permits per premises (any combination)
Trader’s annual permit All RPS areas £192 One permit per registered vehicle
Trader’s daily permits All RPS areas £62.50 for 25 day cards Up to 75 day cards per year
Owners / Landlords Business permit All RPS areas where landlord has properties. £240 1 permit per 10 properties up to 10 permits Thereafter 1 additional permit per 100 properties
Medical permit All RPS areas £192 One permit per vehicle

6 September 2013 Update

Clifton Village and Clifton West

The Council has surveyed the streets in terms of looking at the existing restrictions and has maximised parking wherever it is safe to do so. A survey of the cars parked in the area will take place next month. Demand for residents' permits is difficult to estimate and remains to be done. The main focus has been on providing as much parking as they can and removing commuter parking from the area.

6 September 2013 Clifton East

6 September 2013 Cliftonwood and Hotwells

Residential Parking Update 7 August 2013:

For information, the Clifton Village and Clifton West schemes have now been merged into a single scheme. The schedule for consultation is as follows:

Residential Parking Update

At the Neighbourhood Forum on 8th July we received an update on the proposed roll-out of the residents parking scheme in Clifton and Hotwells.
  1. Currently the area west of Whiteladies Road is to be split into 4 areas:
    • Clifton West (west of Pembroke Road and north of Clifton Park);
    • Clifton Village (south of Queens Road and west of Berkeley Place);
    • Clifton East (east of Pembroke Road);
    • Cliftonwood and Hotwells (south of Cornwallis Crescent, Goldney Avenue and Lower Clifton Hill).
  2. Clifton West and Clifton Village may be combined into one area because the number of cars owned by residents in Clifton Village could mean that there would be more permits than spaces available.

  3. Cliftonwood and Hotwells will be the first area to be implemented. The consultation will begin after 17th July with implementation in January 2014. Residents will receive a card telling them to go to the library or to go online to check the plan.
  4. The Clifton Village and Clifton West consultation will begin after 9th August and will be implemented in April 2014. Again residents will receive a card. Do not throw this card away.
  5. Clifton East will have a formal consultation (unlike the others) because there are issues about which side of Pembroke Road and Whiteladies Road should be in which zone.
  6. The proposed scheme is for Monday to Friday 9-5, unless enough people write in requesting longer hours. This is not what was stated at the last Forum meeting. If you want longer hours, Barbara Janke urged people to write as soon as possible.
    Or write to:
    Highways & Traffic, Wilder House, Wilder Street, Bristol, BS2 8PH.
  7. Yellow lines will be placed outside driveways unless the owner asks not to have them.
  8. Individuals do not have to change their address with DVLA if their car is not registered with the same address as the permit. The permit with the appropriate registration number (it can have two) is adequate to demonstrate where the person lives.

20 mph speed limit

22 July 2013: To keep you informed of the current position for the proposed rollout of the 20 mph Central Area (Phase 1).
The Speed Limit Order (SLO) for the Central Area (Phase 1) is to be advertised in July. The consultation period runs from Wed 24th July to Thursday 15th August. You will be able to view the associated paperwork at: or visit City Hall, College Green between 10am and 4pm or your local library from Wed 24th July.

For more information about the proposed 20 mph rollout visit:

Along with the site notices that will go up on all lamp posts, there will also be a postcard being distributed to all households in the area informing them of the SLO and the consultation period to give all local residents a chance to comment.

Helen Wigginton, City Transport, Transport Service, Bristol City Council, Brunel House, St George’s Rd, Bristol, BS1 5UY
0117 9036449

8 July: We also received details of a 20 mph roll-out across the city at the Neighbourhood Forum on 8th July

The decision to introduce 20 mph city-wide was taken by Bristol City Council in July 2012. The 20mph limit, which will be rolled out across the whole of Bristol by 2015, will apply to all residential roads and, in consultation with the public, some of main roads that are currently 30mph. Dual carriageways, 40mph and 50mph roads will not be included. A successful pilot phase is already running in Easton and Bedminster. The Central area of the 20mph roll-out is in development and is expected to apply to many of the roads in central Bristol from Autumn 2013 (subject to formal consultation). This includes Clifton and Hotwells. The Inner South area is also in development with implementation planned for early 2014 (subject to formal consultation). For more details see and

Residential Parking- parking across driveways

2 May 2013 response to a question: To clarify, residents with garages or driveways are only entitled to one permit (as opposed to the usual 3) as driveways and their lowered kerb generally take up one parking space that is then not available to other residents. Furthermore people with driveways are always guaranteed at least one on road parking space whereas other residents do not have this advantage.

This clearly encourages people to use their driveway to park one (or more) cars and acknowledges the fact that in many cases they will also be able to park a car across their drive without the need for a permit (if they have asked us not to introduce double yellow lines there and we have been able to accommodate that). This means that residents with driveways often have the opportunity to park at least two vehicles without needing a permit. We need to restrict the number of permits issued to some extent, bearing in mind the physical capacity of the streets. What we have done is to agree to the issue of the third permit for households without off-street parking. Previously this was only available in exceptional circumstances. We had very few requests for a third permit in our other RPS schemes, perhaps because the relative cost of the third permit is high. This approach means that whether you have off road parking or not you should have the opportunity of parking three vehicles in the area.

I hope this clears the issue up for you. Should you wish to keep up to date with progress on this issue or If you would like to know more about the schemes, more information can be found at .

Residential Parking Update

8 July 2013 Clifton and Clifton East Clifton High School Updated information about proposed roll out of Residents Parking Zones across the city.

CABINET – 27 June 2013 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF AGENDA ITEM 5 Report title: Residents’ Parking Schemes Wards affected: Citywide Report Author: Peter Mann, Service Director, Transport
RECOMMENDATION for the Mayor’s approval:

25th June 7pm ( The Pavilion): Cabot, Cabot, Clifton and Clifton East Neighbourhood Partnership AGM will include a short update as part of the agenda

Wednesday 20 May 2013 5pm (ticket only): An event for local businesses to hear from Bristol's Mayor - George Ferguson and Bristol City Council transport officers about the proposed Residents' Parking Schemes, with an opportunity to ask questions. It will be independently chaired by Phil Smith, Managing Director of Business West.
This event is designed to be an overview of the proposals, there will be later opportunities to talk to the council about specific issues for your area - to help the engineers build a scheme to best meet the needs of local residents and businesses. This is an event for businesses only, there will be other opportunities for residents to discuss the proposals.
Develop plans – the Council will be putting together a detailed proposal for the area for the end of June 2013. If you have any comments or suggestions about detailed design issues, for example the amount and type of parking that would be most suitable for your street, or if you do not want double yellow lines across your driveway, then let them know (Email: They will incorporate your suggestions into the final design if they can.
The final proposals will be subject to a statutory consultation process before the final decision about whether or not to proceed is made. Notices will be in The Post and attached to lampposts throughout the area to let you know that the scheme is being advertised and what to do if you want to object or request a minor amendment.

30 April 2013: This petition has been created to halt the extension of Residential Parking Schemes in Bristol, given the lack of clear attempts to consult residents and businesses on this matter.

April 2013: At the Neighbourhood Forum on 22 April we learnt that there is a formal rubber-stamping exercise through Cabinet on 23 April.

The meeting was conducted by Barbara Janke, Simon Cooke, Christian Martin, Trevor Blythe our councillors, Nick Chisto the Partnership coordinator, and Trevor Bullock Traffic Manager who presented the facts.

Agreements will be in place by June and July 2013. Zones CE, CW and HW will be implemented for 1 April 2014, CV for 1 June 2014 (difficult to balance the needs of business in Clifton village).
Clifton residential areas
Parking map showing how our area is split up. Clifton and Hotwells is to be implemented in 2014. Council residential parking page. Email: for queries

March 2013: Bristol City Council are developing proposals for new residents’ parking schemes in areas around the city centre.

They will be engaging with local ward members, local schools and businesses and other community stakeholders including CHIS at an early stage so that they are aware of any issues that are specific to our area. These will be taken into account as they design the scheme.

Each scheme will be subject to statutory consultation, which will provide you with the opportunity to object to the proposals should you wish to do so.

Parking traffic order in Princess Victoria Street

March 2013: Granted except for Princess Victoria Street due to loading issues.

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is the legal document required to support a range of measures, which govern or restrict the use of public roads, including:

The Cabot, Clifton and Clifton East Neighbourhood Partnership has identified a review of parking restrictions in Clifton, where there is a high demand for on-street parking, as a Local Traffic Scheme Priority.
To comment on the Princess Victoria Street lifting of restrictions on the North side, quote CAE/NMT/P-8154 and email by 15 January 2013. Traffic orders details.

The objectives of the review are:

The opportunity has also been taken to review existing Traffic Regulations Orders within the vicinity and therefore the proposals include new, revised, and existing (unchanged) waiting restrictions within a wide area of Clifton, including the retention of existing car club parking places.
A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is required to support the delivery of the parking restriction proposals. The TRO is considered necessary for: SCHEDULE 1 Plans
RS11044-TR02-1 Princess Victoria Street before (blue is no waiting during day)
RS11044-TR02-1 Princess Victoria Street after (yellow now can wait for 1 hour)
SCHEDULE 2 Orders to be revoked
  1. The City and County of Bristol (Clifton) (Traffic Regulation) (AH) (No. 1) Order 1967 as varied by the County Council of Avon (Clifton Area, Bristol) (Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting) (One-Way Traffic) Order 1980
  2. The County Council of Avon (Pembroke Road, Worcester Road, Buckingham Vale, Bristol) (Waiting Restrictions) Order 1975 as varied by the City Council of Bristol (Arlington Villas, Hanbury Road and Richmond Park Road, Clifton East, City of Bristol) (West Central Zone) (Prohibition of Waiting) Order 2007
  3. The County Council of Avon (Waterloo Street, Clifton, City of Bristol) (Prohibition of Waiting) Order 1994
  4. The City Council of Bristol (Arlington Villas, Hanbury Road and Richmond Park Road, Clifton East, City of Bristol) (West Central Zone) (Prohibition of Waiting) Order 2007

Residential Parking

More details
Cliftonwood scheme Bristol Central Library, College Green Clifton Library, Princess Victoria Street
Kingsdown scheme Redland Library, Whiteladies Road Cheltenham Road Library, Cheltenham Road

How to comment on the proposals. We would like you to let us know what you think about these proposals. You can contact us as follows: Email: Phone (0117) 922 4999 Fax: (0117) 903 6830

Your views are important to the Council and we will take them into account as we finalise the scheme. However, in view of the number of comments that we expect to receive it will not be possible for us to respond to each one individually. Once the responses have been analysed, a summary of the issues raised and our response to them will be produced and will be made available on the Council website.

Once the Council have considered your comments, they will produce a final scheme design for each area. These designs will be subject to a statutory consultation process, at which point there will be an opportunity to formally comment on the proposals.

    The result was that it would not be called in to the whole cabinet provided: More detail 2007-09

    Double Parking

    New discretionary powers to deal with double parking (so rampant in West Mall and Caledonia Place) and vehicles that park alongside dropped kerbs. It was reported that an offence of double parking is committed when a vehicle is parked more than 50cm (18 inches) from the kerb.

    Exemptions included emergencies, waste collection and building works - a penalty charge notice would not be issued in these instances. A press release would highlight the issues and enforcement policy would take effect from 9th August 2010. People were invited to report transgressions to Parking Services: Bristol City Council, Parking Enforcement Team, PO Box 480, Bristol BS99 7AE, Phone: 0117 922 2198,

    Cycle Parking

    Road works

    call Network Management 0117 903 1212, 922 2404, Phil Harrison, Phil Davis of Bristol City Council

    Bad parking

    Yellow lines

    20 Nov 2006
    Yellow lines should be 2 inches wide in a conservation area. In many instances in Clifton they are 4" wide. CHIS will be carrying out a survey.

    Wheel thefts

    On Thursday 28th Sept 2006, a BMW M3 Sports Cabriolet had the front wheel nuts removed from one wheel in a botched theft in Canynge Road. The driver did not notice until the wheel nearly came off the vehicle. The car had been targeted for the valuable alloy wheels and only the one remaining locking nut saved the driver from possible serious consequences as the wheel began to loosen.
    Please advise anyone with a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche or other luxury vehicle with alloy wheels to fit two wheel-locking nuts, put on diagonally to each other rather than side by side and to check around their vehicles before driving them. A gang is working in the Clifton area, mostly after dark, so please be extra vigilant and report sighting of suspicious activity on 08454567000, remembering to ask for your call to be tagged Neighbourhood Watch.

    Cycling on a Footpath Legislation

    P.C. Nick Shaw, Police Constable 1171, Beat Manager Clifton (Redland Police Station Tel: 945 4453)
    Here is the legislation in relation to cycling on a footpath which is an offence under the Highways Act.

    Bristol Car Club

    Bristol City Car Club has support from Bristol City Council, and contributes to the city's transport programme. This is part-funded by the EU Vivaldi programme. In March 2005 there were only 170 members and 17 cars. It has now expanded the scheme across the whole of the city. Car Club members usually fall into the following categories: There are several parking bays in Clifton in Clifton.

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