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Neighbourhood meetings

Neighbourhood Partnership

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The Clifton and Cabot Neighbourhood Partnership combines Clifton, Clifton East and Cabot electoral wards so extends to the Bus Station in the East, and Cumberland Road in the South. Neighbourhood Partnerships consider local concerns. They bring together local councillors, neighbourhood police teams, community groups and local residents to shape services such as street cleaning, park maintenance, local recycling schemes, minor traffic schemes, highway maintenance, community safety and more.

Feb 2015: The new Cabot and Clifton Forum coordinator is Mike Lawlor who is replacing Neil Burwell

3 Feb 2014: Bristol Neighbourhood Network: have recently re-launched their website, and of interest will be the landing page, the Guidance for the Developer section, and the list and map of member groups.

All welcome. The Clifton, Clifton East and Cabot Partnership is very large as can be seen from the map and encompasses Kingsdown to the East and Cumberland Road to the South

Cabot, Clifton and Clifton East Neighbourhood Partnership was launched in late November 2008, where over fifty people attended the meeting.

2011 Census Profile

Provisional dates of next meetings. Probable location: The Pavilion, 1 Hannover Quay, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5JE or Brunel House, St George’s Road, BS1 5UY

Statements must be received by noon on the working day prior to the meeting. The statement should be sent to or to Bristol City Council, 4th Floor Clifton Wing, Brunel House, Bristol BS1 5UY (marked for the attention of Patricia Jones).

The partnership has asked local residents about the top issues facing the area. The priorities and issues identified are:

Bristol has established 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships (NPs) across the city. These are in clusters of two or three wards, ie 20-30K people. A few of these structures are already well established. Most are in their very early stages.

This sounds very familiar. For Network groups 'our' department is Planning and 'community involvement' is what we've been banging on about for years with regard to 'early, effective and ongoing involvement in the preparation of all development plans', S106 planning obligations, allocation etc.
The NPs themselves will be drawn from local residents (in practice that usually means local organisations), local businesses and elected representatives, ie councillors. These, hopefully, will build productive links with officers paid to deliver services in particular areas. It's early days yet, but the talk is of a transfer of some budgets to these bodies and that they will become significant players in determining 'neighbourhood' agendas. Some even talk of 'urban parishes', but that's way down the line.
The most successful NPs, so far, are those that have shown themselves to be independent of the statutory organisations and really interested in empowering local people.
NPs, we are told, will be the main focus and forum of neighbourhood working in the future for statutory agencies. Working with your NP is likely to be a good way to win friends and influence people. Time will tell....


Look at Council Meetings to find the date and location of meetings (4 per year).

This is a chance for you to air your views of Bristol City Council Services
To submit a statement, send it to the clerk to the meeting no later than 12 noon the day before

For more details contact Nick Christo on (0117) 922318 or email

Details and Minutes

This list gives the future dates as well as the minutes and agenda, and statements (which the Partnership page currently does not!): Electronic forum which allows NP activists to share information and ideas.

Neighbourhood Forum

Items raised here can be escalated to the Partnership. You can raise any issue of concern to you. More interactive than the Partnership.

Topic tables always include Community Interests and Concerns, and the Environment. Forums for Clifton and Cabot exist so more local and less formal.
Neighbourhood Partnership meetings and Forum meetings work together to progress the issues raised in each Neighbourhood Partnership.

Neighbourhood Forum meeting

The neighbourhood is split into two forums- Cabot (tends to cover east of Jacobs Wells Road) and Clifton (tends to cover west of Whiteladies Road). Some people may go to both as different discussions may be held.

Cabot and Clifton Neighbourhood Police Team

OR Contact them using the website Go to the “In your area” section.

Next meetings (four per year, tend to be a few weeks before Partnership meeting) from 7pm till 8:30pm. Clifton Forum often at Clifton High School- but have been in Hope Chapel), Cabot Forum often at City Hall:

Details of previous Clifton meetings (note that rubbish comes up very regularly!):

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