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From Minutes of 3 June 2014
Where marked *** CHIS has commented but ### indicates a letter of approval

12/00445/RL 1-3 Alma Vale Road

Renewal of extant listed building consent (08/04456/LA) - refurbishment of existing listed garage to create commercial space. Pending decision

***. 13/01335/F & 01387/LA - Clifton College

Removal of former cricket nets, erection of replacement cricket net cages and new security fencing and laying out of replacement surfacing. Pending consideration (will be a Committee decision)

13/01432/F - Pooles Wharf Court, Hotwells

Change of use of vacant land to 3 parking spaces, for use by surrounding residential and commercial. Pending decision

*** 13/03514/X - Grove House, Pembroke Grove

Variation of condition attached to planning permission 11/04923/F to allow opening hours of the premises between 07.00 - 21.00 Monday to Friday, 08.00 - 20.00 on Saturdays and 09.00 - 18.00 on Sundays. Pending decision

***13/03215/A - Litfield House, 1 Litfield Place

V shaped sign post to replace existing main signage and new name plates to be mounted on gateposts. Split decision

13/03848/F - Senate House, Tyndall Avenue

External re-landscaping works and demolition of existing tarmac path areas, re-grading and laying of new paved and resin bonded paths. Creation of new stepped and accessible ramped path access routes of the Woodland Road boundary and associated retaining wall structures. Soft landscaping works along the Woodland Road boundary and within the site along the Tyndall Avenue and St Michael's Park elevation. General soft landscaping works around the site. Erection of Corten feature retaining wall structures within the site. Pending decision

*** 13/05326/F - Clifton High School

Replacement windows round 2 storeys of the main building west end, and one window at top of the school green building east end. Refused

*** 14/00415/F - Clifton Heights, Triangle West

Proposed tower and podium facade re-cladding. Pending consideration

14/00637/F & 14/00638/LA - Top Floor Flat, 4 Chesterfield Buildings, Westbourne Place

Replace windows in top floor flat with smart systems evolution windows. Granted

*** 14/00756/F - Beaufort House, 2 Beaufort Road

Proposed external alterations in basement windows and doors. New roof dormers and roof lights. Alterations to existing chimney on rear elevation. Refused

14/00598/X - 85 Queen's Road

Application for variation/deletion of condition number 10 to extend the opening hours to 2 a.m. Saturday and 2 a.m. Sunday - following a grant of planning permission 13/02228/F - Change of use of basement and ground floor levels from A1 (retail) to A3 (restaurant/café), with no proposed internal or external works (21 letters against and 5 for the application) Pending decision by Committee

14/00639/F & 00640/LA - 44 Whiteladies Road

Alterations and extension to allow partial conversion of existing building to form 5 additional flats and alterations and improvements to existing flat and 3 screen cinema including a new disabled access door and left for cinema. Granted

14/00947/H & 00943/LA - 3 Windsor Terrace

Remove staircase from ground floor balcony and replace with link to existing stone staircase. Create fully-glazed enclosed floor space to the rear. Pending consideration

14/00998/F - St Mary's Hospital, Upper Byron Place

Conversion of the hospital building, demolition of the boiler house and other ancillary buildings, redevelopment to provide 200 bedrooms (5,805 m2 GIA) of student residential accommodation (Use Class Sui Generis) in the existing hospital buulding and two new buildings and retention and conversion of the Lodge. Closure of southern access point. Provision of 2 disabled car parking spaces, 54 cycle parking spaces, plant room and communal facilities, landscaping and services and turning area. (Major Application). Pending consideration

14/00151/H - 18 St John's Road

Erection of dormer to side elevation. Pending decision last month but now completely dropped off the radar either by entering application number or address! *** 14/01345/F - Christchurch Church of England VC Primary School, Royal Park Demolition of two existing single storey temporary classroom buildings and single storey 'after school club' building and construction of 3 extensions and courtyard infill (totalling 1,112 sq m GEA) together with associated landscape works. Pending decision

14/01418/F - 4-5 Worcester Road

Change of use from office accommodation to education for the purpose of classrooms and teaching accommodation in association with Clifton College campus. Granted

*** 14/01641/F - 20 Pembroke Road (Channings Hotel)

Formation of 10 car parking spaces, 8 to southern end of site, 2 to northern end. Formation of new glazed entrance lobby in space below existing front door canopy. Landscaping to gardens. Refused

14/00018/F - Daisychain Nursery, 1 Clifton Park

Proposed detached assembly hall and office accommodated within part single/part two storey building. Revisions to existing playground area and provision of storage area at basement level. New steps from upper basement level. Pending consideration

14/01893/F & 01908/LA - School of Biological Science, Woodland Road

Refurbishment of the Fry Building comprising internal and external alterations to the building fabric, demolition of a number of external single storey structures, provision of approximately 1133 M2 of new floor space contained within a lower ground floor extension, and a new integrated landscape and public realm design. Pending consideration

*** 14/01852 - Dorset House, Litfield Place

Erection of new fencing to front and side of property. Granted

*** 14/01950/F - Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Berkeley Place

New teaching block with associated access and landscaping, including demolition of existing ATC hut. Pending consideration

14/01804/CP - Victoria Pumping Station, Oakfield Road

Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for the proposed temporary removal of a brick wall to provide access to Victoria Pumping Station during construction works to carry out internal alterations in the Pumping Station building. Upon completion, the wall will be reinstated to the original state and where appropriate repaired. Pending consideration

14/00956/H - 6 Alma Vale Road

Reinstatement of the stone wall between the garden at 6 Alma Vale Road and the neighbouring church garden. Rebuilding of the balcony and stairs through which the garden at 6 Alma Vale Road is accessed. Granted

14/02041/F - Flat 6, 16 Royal Crescent

New free-standing summer house erected to rear garden. Pending consideration

14/01554/F & 01553/LA - Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Jacob's Wells Road

Internal alterations to alter existing layout on the 1st floor of 4 Upper Berkeley Place to return the rooms to use as 6th form classrooms. Remove plastic coated metal profile to vents to science block roof and form new covering in single ply with wood core rolls in lead grey. Removal of large skylight to the rear of the roof. Granted

14/02090/F & 02091/LA - Beacon House, Queen's Road

Change of use and subdivision of the ground floor front of Beacon House to provide Use Class A1/A3 (156 sq m) A1/A2 (60 sq m) and sui generis (140.8 sq m) The change of use of the upper ground floor sales rear area to sui generis (728.8 sq m). Listed building consent for internal alterations. CAP welcomed the proposal to re use the building. Pending consideration


*** 14/02430/F - Bottelino's New Heights, Clifton Pavilion, 85 Queen's Road

Proposed alterations in the shop front, demolition of stone archway and creation of external seating for customers with associated external alteration

14/02366/F - Land on North Side of Belgrave Hill

Proposed development of 2 use class C3 dwellings with associated external works

14/02503/LA - Penrose Cottage, Clifton Down

Reduction in height of previously altered chimney

14/02773/CPLB - The First House, Kensington Place

Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness of proposed works to a listed building. Repair works to the boundary wall and making good works following the removal of the existing structure.

14/02630/F & 02631/LA - 1-3 Alma Vale Road

Proposed conversion of car showroom ancillary workshop to a use class C3 dwelling along with associated external alterations.

14/02618/F - Oakfield Store, 34 Oakfield Grove

Change of use application for ground floor from A1 shop to 2 bed flat

14/02557/F - 8 The Avenue

Change of use of ground floor from a private residential flat (C3) to education (D1) for the purpose of office accommodation for the Head teacher and admissions department in association with Clifton College Preparatory School.

14/02500/F - 70 Pembroke Road

Proposed off street parking with access on to All Saints Road

14/01843/F - flat 2, 13 Royal Park

Conversion of front garden into two parking spaces

14/02483/F & 02484/LA - Litfield House Medical Centre

Removal of existing undercroft and planting area above to create new vehicle access to site from Camp Hill Road for new staff parking.

14/01974/H - 15 Miles Road

Proposed off-street car parking area and creation of vehicular access to/from Miles Road

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