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CHIS Planning Applications Currently and Recently considered

Gill Blakeman, Planning Coordinator

This page gives more details of current and recent applications considered.


Details of the following will be found below

St Mary’s Hospital, Upper Byron Place, Clifton

AUG 11, 2015 The saga of this site continues. CHIS was pleased when the original plans to build high and densely massed student flats here were rejected by the planning department.

Last year architects unveiled to us an interesting scheme for a private residential development of both flats and houses. Nothing more has been heard of that. However, the latest project to emerge is a plan for housing for the elderly, presumably only for those still sufficiently active to negotiate the steep approach!

As yet we have no details of the new plans but we will keep members informed.

Tuesday 12th February 2013: public consultation event showing emerging ideas for the future of the St Mary’s Hospital site in Clifton, Bristol. The site on Upper Byron Place is located just off the Clifton Triangle with Brandon Hill to the South and Berkeley Square to the East.
Student Castle is exploring options for providing student accommodation on the site which include options for the part retention and/or redevelopment of the existing buildings.

Avril Baker Consultancy 5 Lilymead Avenue BRISTOL BS4 2BY
email: tel: 0117 977 2002

2 - 16 Clifton Down Road Bristol BS8 4AF (WH Smith Block)

Kings Court Kings Court
Kings Court
Pavement intrusion with little room to queue for a bus and pedestrians passing by
Kings Court
Clifton rotary seat, litter bin, cycle rack all inaccessible, telecomms cabinet now accessible

Hotwells cycling schemes

Both had closing date 19 November 2014.

Land Between Ladies Mile And Clifton Down Bridge Valley Road Bristol

bridge valley road
Application no. 15/01128/F
Proposal: Proposed pedestrian/ cycle bridge over Bridge Valley Road.
Application postponed from being considered by the Development Control Wednesday 24 June 2015.

Richmond Spring Hotel 33-37 Gordon Road Clifton Bristol BS8 1AW

April 2015: 15/01780/LA | Externally illuminated signage and external building decorations. Listed Building. Withdrawn

Somerset House 18 Canynge Road Bristol BS8 3JX

15 April 2015: 15/01702/F | Demolition of three storey office block. Erection of 8no. residential dwellings in two separate blocks, with proposed hard and soft landscaping and works to London Plane Tree.

The applicants have not followed community involvement procedure in that, despite a number of written requests from CHIS, they have refused, through their agents, Pegasus, to meet our representatives to discuss the plans for this sensitive site.

Comments in by 19 May 2015. Withdrawn after many objections

3 Princes Buildings Log Cabin

Kibanda, Princes Buildings

14 Jan 2015: 14/04860/F Application for retention of i) detached garden cabin with attached deck located to the rear of the property for purposes ancillary to the main residential use of the property and ii) a raised deck towards the end of the garden.
To be discussed by development committee. Grant recommended.

24 June: appeal dismissed.
With due regard to the fall back position established by the Council’s earlier planning decisions, the use of the cabin and lower deck for purposes which include holiday letting not ancillary to the host dwelling would cause harm to the reasonable living conditions of neighbours. This would run contrary to the objectives of the development plan in this regard, particularly Policies BCS 23 of the Bristol Core Strategy (CS), Policy ME4 of the Bristol Local Plan (LP) and Policies DM30 and DM35 of the Bristol Site Allocations and Development Management Policies (DMP) (Publication March 2013).
20 March 2014: gone to appeal. Submit by 22 April 2014 Retention of i) detached garden cabin with attached deck located to the rear of the property for mixed for purposes ancillary to the main residential use and for holiday rental use and ii) a raised deck towards the end of the garden. Appeal Ref: APP/Z0116/A/14/2215241
An appeal has been made to the Secretary of State against the city council who have refused to grant planning permission for the above.
The Planning Inspectorate has indicated that this appeal will be determined by an inspector following the submission of written statements by the parties concerned.
The Planning Inspectorate has asked that local residents and others that may be affected by the proposals be informed and given the opportunity to make representations. If you wrote to this department giving your views at application stage, a copy of your letter will be supplied to the inspector. If you would like to write now or modify or elaborate on any earlier views please write to The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN quoting reference number A/14/2215241.
Alternatively, you can submit your views on-line, check the information and progress using the Planning Casework Service at Please use the last seven characters of the Appeal Ref above to search for this case.
Any views must be submitted 22 April 2014, and the Inspectorate must receive three copies of any letter. The Planning Inspectorate will not acknowledge representations but will ensure that letters received by the deadline are passed to the Inspector. Such views will be conveyed to both parties to the appeal.

18 Feb 2014: Application No. 14/00466/VD: Five Day Notice to clear fallen Walnut tree in centre of back garden, which fell over in recent gales and will be cut up on 18th Feb 14. Trunk to remain in situ. Canopy to be cut and stacked in garden for firewood.

Feb 2014: Both applications Refused. The deck to be removed, the chimney and shower to be removed
The formation of a raised deck along the north west elevation and the provision of the deck and outdoor shower to the rear accessed along the above section of deck introduces features that detract from the simple regular form of what should be a utilitarian ancillary structure in a domestic garden. As such the building is judged to be out of context with the site. This built form attached to the side and rear of the building also provides a raised deck area for additional activity and movement which harms residential amenity by virtue of noise and disturbance. For these two reasons this part of the development is contrary to policies B2 and ME4 of Bristol Local Plan (December 1997), policies BCS21, BCS22 and BCS23 of the Bristol Core Strategy (June 2011) and policies DM30, DM31 and DM35 of the Bristol Site Allocations and Development Management Policies (emerging).

Dec 2013: 13/05575/F | Retention of existing oak cabin for mixed for purposes ancillary to the main residential use and for holiday rental.
Dec 2013: 13/05146/F | Retention of i) detached garden cabin with attached deck located to the rear of the property and ii) a raised deck towards the end of the garden.

July 2013: Application 13/03187/F Land To The Rear Of 3 Princes Buildings Bristol BS8 4LB Change of use of detached cabin located to the rear of the property to allow mixed residential and holiday rental use.
10 Oct 2013: It is concluded that the introduction of a commercial leisure/recreation use of the building would harm residential amenity and for this reason the application should be refused.

It is also concluded that as the development has not been built in accordance with the planning permission that no planning permission exists for the building.

This will now need to be pursued under a further planning enforcement investigation which will also need to include the additional deck area.

RECOMMENDED REFUSED The following reason(s) for refusal are associated with this decision:
1. The proposed use of the cabin for holiday rental use is considered to be harmful to the amenity of adjoining residents. This is based on the fact that commercial leisure/recreation uses in this domestic garden setting would give rise to unregulated activity by persons renting the building and facilities which is above and beyond that which would reasonably be expected to occur as a result of usage which is for purposes ancillary to the main residential use. The commercial leisure/recreation uses provides opportunities for users of the building to undertake activities in the garden area at times when the reasonable expectation of residential occupiers around the site would be that they should expect not to be disturbed by noise and disturbance emanating from building. As such the continued use for holiday rental use would enable activities which would seriously harm residential amenity by virtue of noise and disturbance to take place which is contrary to policy BCS23 of the Bristol Core Strategy (June 2011), policy ME4 of the Bristol Local Plan (December 1997) and policy DM35 of Bristol Site Allocations and Development Management Policies (emerging).

12/02456/F - Proposed detached green oak cabin with decking for purposes ancillary to main residential use, Approved 6th August 2012. The planning permission for the detached garden cabin with decking was specifically for purpose ancillary to main residential use. Specifically condition 2 reads "The outbuilding hereby approved shall be used only as an ancillary use incidental to the enjoyment of the dwellinghouse known as Basement Flat, 3 Princes Buildings."
The reason for the condition was :- Any other use requires further assessment as it has the potential to cause harm to the character of the surrounding area which would conflict with the adopted Bristol Development Framework (June 2011) and the Bristol Local Plan (1997)'

Car Park Area Rear Of Clifton Down Shopping Centre Adjacent To 79 Alma Vale Road Bristol

Proposal: Erection of purpose-built student accommodation, including associated landscaping, cycle parking and bin stores.

Many members, especially those who live close by, have voiced grave concerns regarding the proposals to build a large block of flats, with accommodation for over 80 students, in this spot behind Clifton Down shopping centre.

CHIS shares these concerns, believing that there are already too many students living in Clifton.

Many would prefer to see a block of residential flats built on this land but the economic reality is that selling flats to individuals does not generate the long term financial benefits to be gained from creating a large number of small units and letting them to wealthy students.

As a result of representations by us and other interested parties, made at a consultation back in March, and a further meeting on Aug 11th between CHIS and JG Communications, Black Rock's agents, some modifications have been made to the original plans. They have reduced the height of the block from 5 storeys to 4 1/2 storeys and there is to be 24 hour on site security.

In response to concerns we raised regarding parking Black Rock have said that they would agree to a planning condition being imposed so that tenants of these flats would not be entitled to residents' parking permits. They have also said that a clause to this effect would be included in the tenancy agreements ensuring that no vehicles are brought on site.

CHIS raised the matter of bins and bin storage as the provision in the original plans seemed inadequate. Black Rock say they have revised the plans and that better facilities would available.

Other than making our views known via the media and making representations to our local councillors there seems to be little residents and residents' associations can do to stem this tide of studentification.

The present position is that, in September 2014, the developers made a pre- application enquiry to Bristol City Council planning department and received, in October, a detailed response from the officer in charge of the case who made, inter alia, the following points:

  1. The height, bulk and mass are key concerns and the impact of this huge building, which would occupy most of the site, on nearby properties, especially the terrace in Alma Vale Rd.
  2. The well used public footpath would be dominated and enclosed by this 5 storey building, serving to add to a fear of crime.
  3. A full arboricultural survey will have to be undertaken as the planners, like CHIS, would wish as few trees as possible to be lost. CHIS members have mentioned that they would be particularly sorry to lose the beautiful cherry trees.

Whilst it is good news that the planners conclude that they are unable to support the proposals in their current form, it is probable that we will soon see an amended application and more public consultation.

CHIS will certainly continue to press for a more appropriate use of this site and one that would enhance the amenity of the conservation area.

Belgrave Hill Quarry

Belgrave Hill quarry
Will be considered by the Development Control Committee B at its meeting on Wednesday 12 November 2014. The meeting will take place in a room in the City Hall, College Green starting at 2pm
3rd June 2014: Application No.  14/02366/F
Proposal:  Proposed development of 2 no. Use Class C3 dwellings with associated external works. Site Address:  Land On North Side Of Belgrave Hill Bristol    If you wish to comment on the application, please reply by 24 June 2014.  

Application no. 11/04256/F
Site address: Land On North Side Of Belgrave Hill Bristol
Proposal: Redevelopment of existing vacant site for 3no. two bedroom dwelling houses with associated external amenity space, refuse and cycle storage.

Refused. This application was considered by the Development Control (Central) Committee at its meeting on Wednesday 31 October 2012. A unanimous decision.

April 2012: Withdrawn!
Angry Clifton residents campaigned to stop houses being built next door to a disused quarry face. Featured in the Evening Post.

85 Queens Road Bottelinos

14/02430/F | Proposed alterations to the shopfront, demolition of stone archway and creation of external seating area for customers with associated external alterations. | Bottelino's New Heights Clifton Pavilion 85 Queens Road Clifton Bristol BS8 1QS
The proposed outside seating area would result in an intensification of use which would result in unacceptable disturbance to surrounding residents by virtue of the noise and activity created by outside eating, drinking and socialising. The proposal is therefore contrary to guidance with the National Planning Policy Framework (March 2012); as well as Policies ME4, S5 and S8 of the adopted Bristol Local Plan (December 1997); Policy BCS23 of the adopted Bristol Core Strategy (June 2011); and emerging Policies DM10 and DM35 within the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies (Publication Version, March 2013 incorporating modifications recommended by Inspector in his report of 2nd April 2014).

March 2014: 14/00598/X | Application for variation/deletion of condition number 10 to extend the opening hours to 2am Saturday and 2am Sunday - following a grant of planning permission 13/02228/F - Change of use of basement and ground floor levels from A1 (retail) to A3 (restaurant/cafe).

We are waiting to see if this large new restaurant (granted 19 September 2013) gets its hours extended.

14/00598/X | Application for variation/deletion of condition number 10 to extend the opening hours to 2am Saturday and 2am Sunday - following a grant of planning permission
Refused at Development Committee 9 July 2014
The proposed extension of opening hours including the associated disturbance at sensitive times of the day would result in unacceptable noise nuisance to the detriment of nearby residential properties. The proposal is therefore contrary to guidance with the National Planning Policy Framework (March 2012); as well as Policies ME4, S5 and S8 of the adopted Bristol Local Plan (December 1997); Policy BCS23 of the adopted Bristol Core Strategy (June 2011); and emerging Policies DM10 and DM35 within the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies (Publication Version, March 2013 incorporating modifications recommended by Inspector in his report of 2nd April 2014).
9 Oct 2014: Gone to Appeal Ref: APP/Z0116/ Respond by 11 November 2014.
The appeal documents can be viewed Please search for reference no. 14/00598/X and select the Documents tab.

Feb 2015: Appeal dismissed:
14.I acknowledge that some people visiting the area’s many evening attractions may already park or wait on nearby residential streets. However, in my view, given the proximity of the site to Park Place, the proposal would be likely to result in an increase in such activity late at night. That would generate additional noise from customers talking, shouting, and closing car doors at times when the nearby residential occupiers may reasonably expect to experience greater quiet. Although I appreciate that the activity associated with a restaurant is likely to be different from some other late opening premises where people may queue outside, that impact would be particularly great if many customers were to leave this large premises simultaneously, for instance after a private function. Consequently, although the evidence pulls in different directions, I am not persuaded that the proposal would not harm nearby residential occupiers’ living conditions on Park Place, and in Richmond Heights.

16.For the above reasons, the proposal would conflict with the National Planning Policy Framework (‘Framework’) requirement that development should seek to secure a good standard of amenity for all existing and future occupants of buildings. It would also conflict with policy BCS23 of the Bristol Development Framework Core Strategy 2011 and policies DM10 and DM35 of the adopted Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Local Plan 2014. Amongst other matters, those policies require that proposals demonstrate that there would not be an adverse impact on the surrounding area by reason of noise, general disturbance and late night activity. Furthermore, although the premises is already in use, and there is a proposal to downgrade this part of the Queen’s Road to a Secondary Shopping Frontage, the scheme would also conflict with the general thrust of similar requirements in policy S5 of the LP.

Application 13/02228/F: Change of use of basement and ground floor levels from A1 (retail) to A3 (restaurant/cafe), with no proposed internal or external works. Granted 19 Sept 2013

Beacon House Queens Road Clifton Bristol BS8 1QU (Habitats)

Application No. 14/02090/F, 14/02091/LA: Change of use and subdivision of the ground floor front of Beacon House to provide Use Class A1/A3 (156 sq. m), A1/A2 (60 sq. m) and sui generis (140.8 sq. m). The change of use of the upper ground floor sales rear area to sui generis (792.8 sq. m). Applicant University Of Bristol. Respond by 10 June 2014.

Flat 6 16 Royal York Crescent Bristol BS8 4JY

3 May 2014: Application No. 14/02041/F. Proposal New free-standing summer house erected to rear garden. The design is apparently based on the traditional tin tabernacles which originated in the mid 19th Century. Respond by 11 June 2014.

20 Pembroke Road Clifton Bristol BS8 3BB (Channings hotel)

3 May 2014: Application No. 14/01641/F. Proposal Formation of 10 no car parking spaces, 8 no to southern end of site, 2 no to northern end. Formation of new glazed entrance lobby in space below existing front door canopy. Landscaping to gardens.

June 2014: Refused

  1. The proposed development would result in the loss of a significant amount of traditional boundary wall and garden space, causing severe harm to the visual amenity of the Clifton and Hotwells Conservation Area. The proposals are, therefore, contrary to policies B2, B15 and B18 of the adopted Bristol Local Plan (1997); policies BCS21 and BCS22 of the Bristol Development Framework Core Strategy (2011); emerging policies DM26, DM28 and DM31 of the Bristol Local Plan Site Allocations and Development Management Policies (Publication version March 2013, incorporating modifications recommended by the Inspector in his report of 2nd April 2014); The Clifton and Hotwells Character Appraisal and Management Proposal (2010); and Section 12 of the National Planning Policy Framework (2012).
  2. By reason of the lack of available turning space, the formation of a vehicular access for 2no. cars at the north of the site would result in a dangerous manoeuvre in a reverse gear when entering or exiting the site across an existing bus stop. As such, the proposals are contrary to policy M1 of the Bristol Local Plan (1997); policy BCS10 of the Bristol Core Strategy (2011); and policy DM23 of the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies (Publication version March 2013, incorporating modifications recommended by the Inspector in his report of 2nd April 2014).
  3. The design of the parking area for 8no. cars to the south of the site, by virtue of in sufficient space dedicated to parking bays and turning area and inappropriate materials used, would result in unsafe manoeuvres within the site and surface water flowing onto the carriage way to the detriment of highway safety. This is contrary to policy M1 of the Bristol Local Plan (1997); policy BCS10 of the Bristol Core Strategy (2011); and policy DM23 of the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies (Publication version March 2013, incorporating modifications recommended by the Inspector in his report of 2nd April 2014).

11 - 14 Eaton Crescent Clifton Bristol BS8 2EL

14/00047/F | Provision of an accessible parking space, with access onto Eaton Crescent.
3 April 2014: Refused.

25 Wesley Place Bristol BS8 2YD

14/00599/F | Proposed first storey extension to provide additional living space.
3 April 2014: Refused. The proposed enlargement to the building at roof level - due to the substantial mass and the resultant loss of a traditional roofscape, would represent an uncharacteristic and unsympathetic alteration to the roof that would appear as an incongruous addition to the host property and visually jarring within the street scene. The proposed windows at first floor level in the Wesley Place elevation - because of their irregular arrangement and conflicting relationship with the existing openings within the elevation, would represent a visually discordant addition to the property. As such, the development would harm the aesthetic value of the host property and the character and appearance of this part of the Whiteladies Road Conservation Area, contrary to guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework (March 2012), policies BCS21 and BCS22 of the Bristol Development Framework Core Strategy (2011) and draft policies DM30 and DM31 of the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies (Draft proposed modifications - 6 January 2014).

Observatory Playground consultation

Construction images to be found on the nature page

13/03224/FB - The Downs New Play Area, Clifton Down Proposed play area applied for Aug 2013, granted October 2013
observatory playground
CHIS commented: We commented in detail on the original proposals for this site, and are delighted that most of our concerns have been met. The new proposals are much more appropriate, and the numerous benches will be much appreciated. We would like to make one or two comments, because, as parents and grandparents, we have all been involved in this site since it was first developed, and we as a society put in funds originally, and in tend to do so again.

Firstly the natural hedge which is planned to fringe the vertical former quarry wall, replacing the present chain link fence. This must ensure that there is no access to the vertical cliff for small boys- the present chain link fence ends just before an intriguing small natural cave in the quarry face that every five year old has to climb up to. The vertical face is genuinely dangerous, rather than being a health and safety fad, and, because this is also the planned site for the swings, it will attract more children than at present. There needs to be thought to the distance between the hedge and the swing, to enable parents to push, and adventurous children to drop off the swing at the top of the ride, without landing in the hedge. The distance looks too small on present plans. The responsibility for hedge clipping also needs to be very clear.

Secondly the proposal for the woodland trail to clear the understorey. There is a badger sett in this area, and the discovery of it by children is an exciting feature. The present capacity to become lost in this area is also an attractive feature for small children. The existence of numerous interlocking paths through the understorey created by children exploring the area over forty years is a fascinating and unique playground feature that should be retained because it is far far better than anything that could be created artificially. Because the understorey is largely elm scrub, rather than brambles or nettles, and the vegetation is Alexanders, which was formerly used as a vegetable and is not unlike celery, it is an unusually safe. Please maintain this area as it is, only intervening if bramble or nettles appear. A further consideration is that the existing understorey acts as an effective screen from the Suspension Bridge Road and Sion Hill.

Thirdly the equipment looks on the whole appropriately rustic and the use mainly of wood is appropriate. We hope the colours of the equipment can be muted rather than gaudy. However the sketch design does not include an elevation plan, and the climbing apparatus appears to be at a high point on the approach to the site from the North. It is not clear how visible it would be from Clifton Down Road, or the Bridge approach road. The joy of the present site is that it is hidden from almost all directions until the last moment, and this element of concealment and surprise should be retained.

The Officers responded: As a result of negotiations the climbing unit has been relocated in place of the balancing beams within the bowl of the site. The agent has advised that the revised location being within the bowl of the site and at a lower ground level than at previous, with the backdrop of trees, should reduce any visual impact concerns. The Landscape Officer has commented that he feels uncomfortable with the height of the equipment in this location but that moving the tall climbing frame to within the bowl of the play area is an acceptable compromise. It is considered that although the equipment, having a maximum height of 6.15m, would be visible from outside the site; being located at a low level within the bowl of the site and screened by trees, it would not appear overly prominent with the area and would preserve the character and appearance of the Conservation Area. Also, that this addresses the issues raised by CHIS on this matter. The other equipment is lower in height and being located within the bowl of the site would be acceptable in appearance. The other works are very minor and also acceptable.

March 8th 2013: The Observatory playground Consultation ends. The consultation proposals can be seen at Do have a look and comment. It is only a choice between 2 schemes, no apparent chance to suggest anything else
The result of the consultation was that the majority of people responding preferred the option without the bespoke unit.

Christchurch School

April 2014:
14/01345/F: Christchurch Church of England Vc Primary School Royal Park Bristol BS8 3AW
Proposal Demolition of 2 no. existing single storey temporary classroom buildings and single storey 'after school club' building, and construction of 3 no. extensions and courtyard infill (totalling 1,112 sq m GEA), together with associated landscape works.

This popular primary school, built in the 1960s, and now an academy, has been asked by Bristol City Council to consider expansion from 45 pupil a year entry to 60. The building is in need of an overhaul and the former caretaker's house is unfit for its present use as an after- school club.

On January 10th 2014 plans were unveiled to develop the site by removing the existing mobile classrooms, demolishing the caretaker's house and extending the main building for use as a junior block, and providing a new infants' block. The school will continue to be a single storey building except for a small two storey section in the very middle of the existing school building.

As an academy, the school is eligible for special government funding but a bid has to be submitted by the end of January. There is no guarantee of funding but if the bid is successful work could start as early as this summer with completion scheduled for September 2015.

The new plans look attractive and the proposed expansion will, no doubt, be welcomed by local parents with young children. CHIS members and local residents present at the open afternoon appeared to approve of the draft plans. If the funding is secured and the project proceeds more open afternoons will be held as the design develops.

14 - 15 Triangle South Bristol BS8 1EY Late hours takeaway (5am)

13/03295/F | Change of use of vacant ground floor unit from Class A2 (Financial and Professional Services) to Class A5 (Hot food takeaway); installation of extraction duct, fresh air vent and a/c compressor; installation of new shopfront, including 1 new fascia sign and 1 new projecting sign.

18 - 20 Regent Street Large restaurant

13/03601/F, 13/03602/LA: Change of use from Retail (Use Class A1) to Restaurant (Use Class A3) and associated works including replacement of existing shop front. Expiry 12 Sept 2013
Granted at Development Committee January 2014

The First House, Kensington Place

First House First House
Wall removed without permission

9 May 2014: Appeal withdrawn. Wall to be reinstated by October 2014.
21 March 2014: Appeal against enforcement notice: You can view all the appeal documents on line at
If you would like to write with your views, please write to the Planning Inspectorate, 3/23 Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN quoting reference number APP/Z0116/F/14/2214784

Any views must be submitted by the 23 April 2014 and the Inspectorate must receive three copies of any letter. If comments are submitted after the deadline the Inspector will not normally look at them and they may be returned to you. Such views will be conveyed to both parties to the appeal. Alternatively comments may also be submitted online at the Government website address:-
Feb 2014: 14/30024/BCN | Breach of condition 2 (restricting further removal of front boundary wall) of conservation area consent 12/01326/LC - demolition of front boundary wall.

Application No. 13/03082/H Proposal Removal of tiled roof and construction of a third floor. Withdrawn

13/02524/CP | Application for a 'Lawful Development Certificate for a Proposed Development or Use' relating to the proposed removal of a section of the front boundary wall, replacement of the wall's concrete coping stones with Bath stone and insertion of new railings and gate to match the original style of railings to the rear of the front patio Withdrawn

12/01326/LC | Remove inappropriate railings and concrete capping, install new bath stone coping. Granted with the condition that permitted development right is removed to demolish the wall of this property (to make a parking space for example).

13/01542/LA – Goldney Hall, Lower Clifton Hill

May 2013: Demolition of partially collapsed roof and adjoining parapet walls for safety reasons and to prevent further damage to the building. Granted

By undertaking a detailed archaeological recording exercise of the building the applicant has taken all reasonable actions inorder to ensure that the values of the building to future generations has been preserved via record.
The requirements of Section 16(2) of the Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas) Act 1990 are met by this application in that the works are considered on balance to preserve the special interest of the listed building as the works have stablised condition of the building to prevent further damage due to structural collapse.
The building will be added to the Councils Heritage at Risk register and its condition monitored

The Stable Block at Goldney Hall is consider to be a Listed Building at Risk and is being monitored by the City Council as part of its duty to safeguard the historic environment. The council will continue to monitor the condition of the structure through its Heritage at Risk Register and if the structure is noted to deteriorate further in condition will consider the need to take formal action to safeguard fabric of building. The City Council encourages the applicant to enter in to a dialogue through the Planning Process to find a long term solution in order safeguard the building for the enjoyment of future generations

Goldney coach house
Goldney coach house

This building lies within a very important curtilage containing grade I, II, and II* buildings and I am sure must also be a listed building in its own right. The application was originally submitted with no details with it at all, not even a location map. Being a listed building it should have had a Heritage, Design and Access Statement to justify the reason for wishing to demolish it. This application does not following National Framework Policy paragraph 128 as the level of detail should be proportionate to the assets' importance and sufficient to understand the potential impact of the proposal on their significance. As a minimum the relevant historic environment record should have been consulted and the heritage assets assessed. This would then allow the planning department to follow paragraph 129 to identify and assess the particular significance of any heritage asset that may be affected by the proposal (including by development affecting the setting of a heritage asset).

Leigh Road

May 2013: 13/01428/H, 13/01429/LC Partial demolition of front boundary wall to accommodate proposed new car parking space and reconfiguration of front area.

Policy Advice Note 6 (Off-Street Residential Parking in Conservation Areas) refers specifically to development within conservation areas, providing valuable guidance which should be applied to all development of this nature, especially within areas with high visual amenity value such as Clifton. The document emphasises the importance of front boundary walls, highlighting them as a significant feature that should be retained. As such, development of this nature should generally be resisted, and when such work is necessary there is a need to keep the width of any access point to a minimum. It is specified that an opening of 2-3m should be sufficient, and opening width of no more than a third of the frontage.
Refused: The proposed demolition of a significant section of the stone front boundary wall of the property would result in unjustified harm to the significance of a Designated Heritage Asset: the Whiteladies Road Conservation Area. The proposals are therefore contrary to Section 72 of the Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas) Act 1990; and Section 12 of the National Planning Policy Framework (2012).

Easter Garden, High Street BS8 2YE

Easter Garden

99 Queens Road Clifton Bristol BS8 1LW

114-116 Princess Victoria Street (Bridge Stores)

Granted- we have lost our corner shop. The only consolation is that the traditional wooden fascia boards were kept comments in by 17 January 2013

Former Whiteladies Road Cinema 44 Whiteladies Road Bristol BS8 2NH

5 nov 6pm will  be  considered  by  the  Development Control Committee in the City Hall: Application no. 14/00639/F & 14/00640/LA Proposal: Alterations and extension to allow partial conversion of existing building to form 5 No additional flats and alterations and improvements to existing flat and 3 screen cinema including a new disabled access door and lift for cinema. 7 June 2014: Whiteladies Road Cinema will  be  considered  by  the  Development Control Committee A at its meeting on Wednesday 18 June 2014.  The meeting will take place in a room in the City Hall, College Green starting at 2pm, although it is not possible to say when the case will be considered. The planners report will be available 1 week before.

31 March 2014 Many members are wondering what on earth is going on regarding the renovation and reopening of the cinema.
Things seem to have hotted up considerably during the past few months. In December the cinema owners, Medinbrand unveiled some proposals in conjunction with Everyman Media Group who are professional cinema operators. Many of you will have seen their plans at the Whiteladies Shopping Centre.
What they propose is to preserve the 3 screen cinema layout which existed in 1978 and to create six flats above the auditorium in what was the Odeon boardroom, the manager's flat and the roof void. There will be no changes to the cinema's façade and the interior will be extensively restored to retain all the old cinema's distinctive architectural features.
This enormous project will cost several million pounds and the developers say that the inclusion of flats is essential to make it commercially viable.
Medinbrand have now formally contracted to lease the cinema to Everyman and the two companies have made a joint application to Bristol City Council for planning consent. Melanie Chiswell Brooks, who acts as publicity agent for Medinbrand/Everyman, has been canvassing support for this application. CHIS has posted its support for the project on the BCC planning website.
In mid March this year CHIS learned that another group, Whiteladies Picture House Ltd also has proposals for the cinema. This group has been formed locally as a charity, has raised £ 10000, secured the support of some local professionals and says it has pledges for funding. An impressive brochure has been produced showing ambitious plans to restore the building and to create a two screen cinema. No flats are included.
Whilst this scheme has much to commend it, many members doubt that WPH would be able to find the money to buy the cinema from Medinbrand and then to carry out the restoration and renovation. The other huge obstacle seems to be that Medinbrand would not, and could not, sell to WPH since they are under contract to lease to Everyman.
CHIS believes that, above all, its members are keen to see this historic, much loved cinema rescued from its present state of decay and reopen after 13 long years of neglect.
When we gave our support to the Medinbrand/Everyman plan the WPH scheme had not been made public. The present position is that the only planning application which the council actually has before it is the M/E one. That application has the support of the Conservation Advisory Panel, the Civic Society, ORA and other local residents' associations. M/E say that, once planning consent is obtained, the cinema will operational within 15 months. Though commendable, the WPH plans seem unlikely to be capable of being realised without the intervention of a very rich benefactor.

23 March 2014:Whiteladies Picture House Group start a petition to oppose the current plan for the Cinema
19 March 2014: To be discussed by the Conservation Advisory Panel
11 March 2014: Whiteladies Picture House Group launch their plans for the cinema (viable without the need for flats)
16 March 2014: Everyman Group launch their plans for the cinema

3 March 2014: Application No. 14/00640/LA, 14/00639/F Date Registered 21 February 2014 by Medibrand Proposal Alterations and extension to allow partial conversion of existing building to form 5No additional flats and alterations and improvements to existing flat and 3 screen cinema including a new disabled access door and lift for cinema

20 Dec 2013: Medinbrand, the owners of Whiteladies Picture House, will be holding public consultations on the 9th and 11th January at Clifton Down Shopping Centre between 9am and 1pm on both days.

cinema tower cinema tower
cinema tower cinema tower
Details and Feedback Form

7 Dec 2013: CHIS has learnt that a professional cinema operator has been found to lease these long- empty and much disputed premises. These are the details:

The news has been greeted with general enthusiasm by local groups.

24 July 2013 Discussed at Development Control (Central) Committee
24 May 2013: 13/02222/LA
Proposal: Internal works: Formation of three new structural openings at basement level between The Picture House and The Cowshed. Refurbishment of existing bar: Form new opening to existing fireplace in The Cowshed through to The Picture House. External works: Reinstate existing glazing bard over the entrance door with aluminium ventilation louvre. Replace existing entrance doors with new timber framed glazed doors. Replace existing side door with new timber framed glazed door and fixed glazed panel.
Please object by 8 July. This could compromise future plans.

24 June 2013: 244 backers, £7,796 raised, 6 days left to raise £10,000. First of all we would like to thank everyone who has already become a backer on Kickstarter - we have had an amazing month so far and, at the time of writing this, we have raised 77% of our total.

We have until 12am on Monday the 1st of July to reach our funding goal of £10,000. This is an all or nothing fund-raising scheme and if we do not reach the target goal all funds pledged so far will be refunded.

The £10,000 will be used to pay for vital building surveys and concept artwork that will become the foundation of our plans for the building

1 June 2013: We are calling upon you, to help us in the next stage of The Whiteladies Picture House campaign. Our mission is to buy and convert the Grade II listed Whiteladies Picture House into a multi-use arts centre.

26 March 2013: The appeal has been turned down as has the application for costa against Bristol City Council.

As heritage assets are irreplaceable, any harm requires clear and convincing justification. Such justification has not been demonstrated in this instance. Accordingly, taking account of the Practice Guide to Planning Policy Statement 5; Planning for the Historic Environment which remains relevant guidance insofar as it is consistent with the Framework, the proposal would fail to preserve the special architectural and historic interest of the listed building, and would not preserve or enhance the character or appearance of the Conservation Area. The less than substantial harm to these heritage assets would not be outweighed by any public benefits. As such, the proposal would be contrary to the provisions of paragraphs 131 and 133 of the Framework, policies BCS 21, BCS 22 of the adopted Bristol Development Framework Core Strategy and saved policies B5, B6 and B17 of the adopted Bristol Local Plan.


H.M. Inspector heard Conditions and Closing Speeches from the three barristers representing the Appellant (the owner), Bristol City Council,  and the Keep Cinema Local group. 

The Keep Cinema Local group has been represented by a local barrister for free.  He’s been a tour de force at the Inquiry, but he thinks it’s absolutely VITAL that as many people turn up to the Mansion House on Monday January 28th as possible, so that the Inspector leaves Bristol having seen, with his own eyes, that locals care about the building.  The Inspector has heard evidence from local businesses who believe a cinema would be a far more powerful force for regeneration than a 24-hour gym and flats, evidence from the Appellant’s own witness that the restrictive covenant can be lifted, and evidence that cinema operators are keen to open here. 

Many people attended.

cinema tower cinema side

Proposal: Alterations and extension to allow partial conversion of existing building to form 5 no. additional flats and to retain auditorium for use as a gym. Appeal Refs: APP/Z0116/E/12/2180890/NWF & A/12/2180898/NWF An Inspector appointed by the First Secretary of State will attend The Mansion House, Clifton Down, Bristol, BS3 3LJ on 8 January 2013 at 10.00am to hold a Public Inquiry into the above appeal the Inquiry is likely to last 3 days.
You may attend the Inquiry (personally or through a representative) and, at the Inspector’s discretion, may present any evidence or give any views. The appeal documents, including the statement by Bristol City Council can be viewed at Brunel House, St Georges Road, Bristol, BS1 5UY. Please telephone 0117 922 3000 to make an appointment. You will be able to view the decision once it has been published on the planning portal

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