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CHIS Planning Weekly lists

Gill Blakeman

weekly list

Comments about planning applications to: Planning, Transport and Sustainable Development, Brunel House, St Georges Road, Bristol BS1 5UY. email: Telephone: 0117 9223976

We are now giving the official Bristol City Council weekly list for BS8 (always 2 weeks behind the application being put in, but before the application is put on the lamp post) for more uptodate information, dates of consultation period, and case officer.
Note that if you need help to comment about an application, you should join CHIS!

These lists also include tree applications.

Finding out about Planning Applications

Watching planning applications is a lot easier than it used to be now that application details are on web sites. They help you monitor: Do look at Gill's monthly reports on applications and other planning information. The reports show which applications we have actually made comments on.

Length of time for comment on individual applications

There is 3 weeks grace from the receipt of a letter giving notice of an application and about 5 weeks from the date of registration.
Each time an application is put on the same property, you must write again. Previous letters are ignored since they were for a different application proposal. YOU MUST INCLUDE ALL APPLICATION NUMBERS (some refer to listed building consent, others to the actions proposed.
Anyone who feels they might like to speak at a Development Committee Planning Meeting must book a slot early - midday on the day before the meeting. A good showing from passionate local people should play well- but do not speak for more than 3 minutes, only present the main points of your objection since it should have been read earlier by the panel, and do try to orchestrate the campaigners to make sure each puts forward different points. Councillors can be very responsive to a gathering of local objectors, which is perhaps no surprise given that they are elected officials.
Any letter written about an application will be summarised in the delegated report. The Development Committee will not see the individual letters, only the planners report, so do write again having looked at the planners report, making sure you put your main points succintly.
Do write as individuals against a particular development, making sure to state your context (resident, neighbour, local shopkeeper etc). Comments about planning applications to: Planning, Transport and Sustainable Development, Brunel House, St Georges Road, Bristol BS1 5UY. Telephone: 0117 9223976
You can search for planning applications, decisions, site histories and appeals via Bristol City Council public Access website, and on the national planning website

Applications currently or recently being considered by CHIS

More details can be found on this web page

More Information

You may also want to look at our other planning pages.

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