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CHIS Plaques

This plaque is at the bottom of Sion Hill, by the lookout. Lookout plaque

New Plaques

In 2015 CHIS has still to put up plaques to (having 5 plaques to commemorate people this year):

Merit Plaque

Our green paques commemorating notable past residents which adorn many houses in Clifton and Hotwells are appreciated by visitors and locals alike. We have decided to recogise not a person but a building, with a new oval plaque; Award for Excellence, for a fine new construction (great or small) or an impressive restoration or improvement.

Plaques Unveiled

Plaques put up by CHIS in recent years.

Erected Who/What Details Where
- Revd Professor Archibald Sayce Biblical Translator and Assyriologist Somerset House, Canygne Road
- Revd John Percival Educational Pioneer. Somerset House, Canygne Road
1989 Randolph Sutton (1888-1960) Music Hall Star, was born here. He recorded songs with particularly infectious tunes (for example Good 'Eavens, Mrs. Evans, My Canary has Circles under his Eyes) 29 Anglesea Place
1990 Walter Savage Landor (1775-1864) Poet, lived here (1836-37). "Epicurus, Leontion, and Ternissa," Imaginary Conversations (1824-1829) etc. O what a thing is age! Death without death's quiet. Penrose Cottage, Harley Place
1992 Dr W.G Grace (1848-1915) Father figure of cricket, lived here (1894-96). His huge stature and characteristic beard made his presence felt immediately as he walked upon each cricket ground. The number of years he played the game and the records he achieved was a marvel of the game in the 19th century 15 Victoria Square
1992 E.H Young (1880-1946) Novelist, lived here (1907-18). All the novels share a trenchant observation of Clifton’s inhabitants and have been compared with Jane Austen’s or more recently Barbara Pym’s writing. 2 Saville Place
1995 Conwy Lloyd Morgan (1852-1936) Psychologist, First Vice Chancellor University of Bristol, lived here (1886-1903). He wrote a textbook on animal biology and published a number of papers on local geology. He decided that he could make a more significant contribution to knowledge in the study of psychology, and began to direct his research effort to the field of what he called "mental evolution", the borderline between intelligence and instinct, where he developed his reputation in experimental psychology and animal behaviour 14/16 Canynge Road
1996 Hannah More (1745-1833) Author, playwright, educationalist lived here (1829-33). This evangelical philanthropist provides an indispensable link between the Georgian and Victorian periods. Born in Fishponds, just before the last Jacobite rebellion, she lived to see the beginnings of the railway age. In her youth she was the friend of David Garrick, Samual Johnson and Horace Walpole. At the age of seventeen she wrote a play, The Search after Happiness, for the girls at the school where she taught, to perform. She herself was closely involved with the Theatre Royal Bristol and became a particular friend of the actor William Powell. In middle age she was closely connected with William Wilberforce and his fellow Evangelicals in the Clapham sect. As well as working among the poor, Hannah More continued her connections with polite society, and produced a series of conduct books, of which the most famous was Strictures on the Modern System of Female Education (1799). In her retirement she welcomed two promising children to her home in Somerset, William Ewart Gladstone and Thomas Babington Macaulay. 4 Windsor Terrace, plaque
1996 Cecil Powell (1903-1969) Physicist, Nobel Laureate, lived here (1954-69). At the University of Bristol from 1927 to 1969, first as Research Assistant to AM Tyndall, then appointed lecturer, and, in 1948, established as Melville Wills Professor of Physics.

He contributed numerous papers to learned societies on the discharge of electricity in gases, and on the development of photographic methods in nuclear physics. He was a co-author of Nuclear Physics in Photographs (1947) and The Study of Elementary Particles by the Photographic Method (1959). Prof. Powell was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1949: he was awarded the Hughes Medal in the same year and the Royal Medal in 1961.

12 Goldney Avenue
1996 Clifton Spa Pump Room Part of the Clifton Grand Spa Hydropathic Institution (opened in 1898) on side of Avon Gorge Hotel. Entrance to baths
1997 Thomas Beddoes (1760-1808) Scientist, lived here. He established the Pneumatic Institution for Inhalation Gas Therapy in Clifton in 1798. The influence of its work on gases and vapours was to prove seminal in the development of inhalation anaesthesia. 11 Hope Square
1998 John Addington Symonds (1840-93) Poet, critic, historian of the Renaissance, lived here (1865-71). His many writings include travel books, Sketches in Italy and Greece (1874) and Italian Byways (1883); literary essays, Introduction to the Study of Dante (1872) and Studies of Greek Poets (1873–76); biographies of Shelley (1878), Sir Philip Sidney (1886), Ben Jonson (1886), and Michelangelo (1893); a masterly translation of the autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini (1888); and several volumes of verse, notably Many Moods (1878) and Animi Figura (1882). Symonds's major work, The Renaissance in Italy (7 vol., 1875–86), is a classic collection of sketches in cultural history. 7 Victoria Square
1998 Samuel Jackson (1794-1869) Painter, lived here (1843-69) 8 Canynge Square
2000 Susanna Winkworth (1820-84) & Catherine Winkworth (1827-78) Susanna (Philanthropist)/ Catherine (Hymnologist), lived here (1862-74) 31 Cornwallis Crescent
2000 Sir George Oatley (1863-1950) Architect (designed University of Breistol's Wills Building, Bristol Baptist College, Wills Hall), lived here (1902-34) Bishops House, Clifton Hill
2002 Paule Vezelay (Marjorie Watson-Williams) (1892-1984) First woman abstract artist, lived here (1939-42) 2 Rodney Place
2003 Eliza Walker Dunbar (1849-1925) Pioneer doctor, lived here (1882-1925) 9 Oakfield Road
2003 Ellen Sharples (1769-1849) & Rolinda Sharples (1793-1838) Artists, lived here (1821-32) 37 Canynge Road
2004 Gertrude Hermes(1901-83) Wood Engraver & Sculptor, died here (1983) 5 Sion Hill
2004 Sir Henry Newbolt (1862-1938) poet of Clifton College (most famous poem Vitai Lampada with its first line, There's a breathless hush in the Close tonight ... used to be included in every anthology of poetry) south end of Clifton College Close unveiled by Barbara Janke, our local councillor. There was another plaque unveiling 28 May by the Old Cliftonian Society
2005 Jeremy Rees visionary arts administrator who founded the Arnolfini Centre for the Contemporary Arts in Bristol, and was its director for the first 25 years 20 Canynge Square
November 2005 Sir Fabian Ware (1869-1949) responsible for originating the Imperial (now Commonwealth) War Graves Commission during World War One Glendower House, opposite Christchurch crypt
December 2005 Prince Rupert Marks September 11, 1645 - when Prince Rupert surrendered Bristol to Parliament's army towards the end of the first Civil War. Royal Fort House, University of Bristol
March 2006 Sarah Guppy Beautiful and intelligent, inventor and mother of Thomas Guppy. Her 19th century patents included a bed with built-in exercise apparatus. In 1811, Sarah Guppy proposed improvements for a suspension bridge which predated the works of both Thomas Telford and Brunel, but her name does not appear in the histories of engineering and bridge-building. 7 Richmond Hill
September 2006 Thomas Guppy Brunel's friend and investor in the Gt Western ship and the GWR. Son of Sarah Guppy 8 Berkeley Square
February 2008 Francis Greenway designed the then Hotel and Assembly Rooms for the Clifton Spa and became known as the father of Australian Architecture Clifton Club The Mall
July 2008 Empress Eugenie de Montijo (1826-1920) Wife of Napolean III 2 Royal York Crescent
June 2009 Hester Lynch Thrale British diarist, author, and patron of the arts 20 Sion Hill
November 2009 William Budd Physician and Epidemiologist 13 Lansdown Place
March 2010 Samuel Plimsoll creator of the Plimsoll Line Hotwell Rd, south of the Jacobs Wells Rd roundabout
October 2010 Keith Floyd British celebrity chef, television personality and businessman 112 Princess Victoria Street
June 2011 Edward St John Daniel VC 1 Windsor Terrace
October 2011 Professor Cecil Powell Nobel Prize winner in Physics Old Vic Theatre School, Downside Road
May 2012 Sir Archibald Russell British Aerospace Chief Engineer Glendower House, opposite Christchurch crypt
February 2015 C. R. Burch Scientist and Engineer 11 Percival Road
May 2015 Dorothy Brown indefatigable campaigner 6 Buckingham Vale
August 2015 Charles RichardsonOriginator and Engineer of the Severn Tunnel10 Berkeley Square
October 2015 William Pennington (1740-1829) Master of Ceremonies of the Hot Wells for 30 years12 Dowry Square 1821-1823.
CHIS has also contributed to plaques erected by other organisations locally.
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