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Security in Clifton

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police in princess victoria street

Smoke alarm test

Check your smoke alarm when you change your clock on October 27

Firefighters are reminding people to check the batteries in their smoke alarms when they change their clocks back for winter.

British Summer Time ends on Sunday 27 October with the clocks being put back one hour. The changing of clocks can provide households with a timely reminder to fit smoke alarms or check the batteries in their existing alarms.

Between April 2012 and March 2013 Avon Fire and Rescue Service attended 21 fires where smoke alarms were fitted, but the batteries were either missing or not working.

FREE electric blanket testing 2013

Bristol City Council and Avon Fire and Rescue Services are again offering free electric blanket safety checks at the following venues. Also on offer will be free safety advice and a chance of a free home safety inspection. Spaces are limited so booking is essential………make that booking now! Tests carried out in 2012 showed that 24% of the blankets checked had potential life threatening faults such as defective plugs, flexes, insulation and exposed live wires. National figures also show that 95 per cent of electric blanket fires are caused by blankets which are over 13 years old. The Council advises that if your blanket is over 3 years old it should be checked. Modern designs are also potentially dangerous as although these blankets are made to fail safe, problems can still arise through misuse, such as poorly wired plugs, damaged cables and broken switches.
Date Venue Booking number Time
July 24 [Weds] Southmead Fire Station 0117 9223522 0930-1600
August 7 [Weds] Redland United Reformed Church 0117 9223522 0930-1300
September 4 [Weds] Bedminster Fire Station 01179223522 0930-1500
September 10 [Tues] Shirehampton Health Centre 0117 9223522 0930-1300
September 19 [Thurs] Whitchurch Health Centre 01179223522 0930-1300
October 16 [Weds] Southmead Fire Station 01179223522 0930-1600

Update 9 Oct 2013

The Police have noticed there seems to be a small increase in Theft of Motor Vehicle from both Clifton beats. Please keep your eyes out for any “dodgy” people/tow trucks. Call 101 non-emergency or 999 if you believe a crime is being committed. Or email the beat team if it’s just for their information. Clifton-


Baby scrapbook lost

20 Aug 2013: A bag taken from Lansdown Place (next to Victoria Park) last night (19/08/13) at about 10pm.
It was a black Vango carryall with wheels and a green zip. It was left there whilst emptying the house and before loading the car. The contents of the bag were not worth much. There was some kids books from the library and some toys. The main item is a baby scrap book that we have been putting togther over the last year. We had just had a gathering of family and friends who had signed and written in the book and now it is missing. I can't describe how gutted I feel about loosing this book. I was hoping that I could some how raise awareness locally for people to keep an eye out for it. The book is A4 in size, landscape, with a green-ish patterned cover. It was kept in a blue cardboard box. The babies name is Solomon (Monty).

Can you help me to get the word on the street? My wife and I would really appreciate it. email:

  • July: There is a large amount of opportunist burglary at the moment in this hot weather. Bicycles and computers are being targeted if doors are left open. Bicycles are also being stolen even if attached to railings or in bicycle racks. Be vigilent at charity events and do not leave bags unattended.

    Motor bike thefts from Clifton

    22 May 2013: Over the last few weeks several expensive high powered motorcycles have been stolen in the Clifton area, the latest theft occurring sometime between 8 p.m last night and the early hours of this morning in Canynge Square.

    Despite many of these bikes having excellent crime prevention devices fitted they continue to disappear without trace.

    Another common factor is that every motorcycle has been stolen in an area not covered by CCTV.

    It is our belief that there is a gang with a van or large vehicle and is loading them up. One has already been disturbed trying to steal a bike. It is also believed that the vans are running on false number plates.

    The offences are occurring at all times of day and night. Two thefts have been prevented by their alarms activating and the offenders making off.

    Thieves were disturbed trying to steal a motorcycle in Sion Place earlier this month. They were loading it up into a white Ford Transit which was displaying the registration number YK07 YNC. These are believed to be cloned plates from a similar vehicle.

    We need your help.

    I need to identify people who live in your area who possess fairly new top name road motorcycles. Trials bikes (scramblers ) are not being taken; nor are machines with small-sized engines.

    Having done this, I would like them to be warned of the current crime trend that is occurring in our area.

    Secondly, we have a number of tracker devices which we are prepared to fit free of charge as a temporary measure to their machines. In the event of a theft happening then we hopefully will be able to recover the property and catch the offenders.

    For this to succeed we need to be discreet as to which machines have them fitted.

    Should you wish to discuss the matter further with me then don’t hesitate to make contact

    Student Action against tuition fees

    November 2010
    police horses
    horses going up Park Street
    police waiting
    police ready for action
    police at Senate House
    police at Senate House
    police at Senate House
    reinforcements at Senate House
    police talking through hedge
    police talking to Bristol Grammar School children through hedge
    The 2010 British student protests were a series of large demonstrations that began in November 2010 in several areas of the United Kingdom, with the focal point of protests centred in London. Largely student-led, the protests were held in opposition to planned spending cuts to further education and an increase of the cap on tuition fees by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government.

    Protests were held with students holding rallies and occupying government and university buildings, including Bristol.

    Metal Thefts

    You cannot have failed to read in the papers or seen reports on the television that there has been a staggering increase in the number of metal thefts in the last year.   I would encourage everyone to sign an online e-petition, which would cause a parliamentary debate on the subject of moving towards a cashless business model for scrap metal dealers.  You can sign the petition here: Many of these crimes would stop overnight if there was no ready market for their ill-gotten gains.   Ninety per cent of transactions in scrap metal yards are by cash.  Record-keeping is non-existant and no questions are asked.   Existing legislation is very weak and goes back to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 1964.  Maximum fines are very low.   A cashless model would be another step on the route to effective legislation.

    Street Furniture

    March 2013: Alexandra Road- an unknown offender has stolen a brass door bell.

    Community Support

    Clifton beat details
    All Forum minutes (was PACT)
    From April 2008, every community in England and Wales benefitted from a new approach to reducing crime and the fear of crime in our communities to build safer, stronger neighbourhoods.
    We now have a dedicated Neighbourhood Team comprising police officers, Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and Special Constables (volunteers).

    Our Neighbourhood Team works closely with council services, key local agencies, volunteers such as Neighbourhood Watches, and the community itself to identify the issues and the best solutions that matter most to you.

    Clifton police station opening soon

    27/03/2013: The new Clifton police station, situated on King's Parade Mews, is now nearing completion. Due to open in early May, the station is a significant investment in, and commitment to, policing in the Clifton area.

    Providing a base for the Clifton and Cotham Neighbourhood Policing Team as well as the foreign national Registration Unit, the new station will be used by the Neighbourhood Team for pre-arranged meetings and appointments to support their daily duties on their beats.

    To avoid disappointment it is important to stress that, although the station will have an enquiry counter to deal with foreign national registrations, the station will not have a Public Enquiry Counter, and is not open to the public for general enquiries or to report incidents.

    Anyone wishing to report an incident is asked to continue to do so by phone, using our on-line reporting services, or by attending a station with a public enquiry counter such as Southmead or The Bridewell.

    We are delighted that this facility will be soon be available to us, and look forward to it helping us to improve the service we deliver to the communities of Clifton and Cotham.

    Police re-organisation

    Avon and Somerset Constabulary have re-aligned the police response on Bristol District to reflect the different needs of Neighbourhood Policing and response policing. Officers will now be split into either response teams, answering emergency calls and dealing with ongoing investigations or Neighbourhood Policing teams, working with communities and partners to find local solutions to local problems. CID teams, Community Safety units and a range of other roles based around the district will also remain.
    Response teams will be based at four key locations around the city - Trinity Road , New Bridewell, Southmead and Broadbury Road Police Stations and will be responding to calls from their specific areas ensuring that all areas and all members of the public receive the best possible coverage and response to emergency calls.
    Neighbourhood Teams, groups of police officers, police community support officers and special constables, will continue to work from all nine police stations across Bristol District, serving their neighbourhoods and increasing community contact.
    The patrol plan put in place across the district will mean there are specific teams covering specific areas, rather than having every car crossing each others path several times a shift.

    Household Survey

    Police in Avon and Somerset Constabulary would like to make people aware about surveys.
    They request you fill in a questionnaire detailing your personal information and to leave it on your doorstep in an unsealed paper bag for collection the following day.
    The questionnaire is five pages long and contains one hundred and eighty six questions about your personal circumstances.

    The Information Commissioner's Office has stated that;
    "These surveys usually require people to provide a large amount of personal information - ranging from whether they have any outstanding medical conditions, to details of their household income. Anyone approached to fill in one of these surveys should think twice before leaving information like this on their doorstep. They should be aware that anyone could potentially pick it up, opening the way to identity theft. People completing these forms should also understand who will have access to their information and what it will be used for."

    Water Supply check scam

    Sept 09:There has been an increase in distraction burglaries across Bristol. The offender has been calling at homes supposedly on behalf of Bristol City Council to check the water supply. The male does have some form of Bristol City Council style ID badge which he will show. He is described as a white male aged in his 40's, approx 5'9" tall of broad build, smart dress wearing a shirt and tie. Please ensure that unless your members have an appointment for a Council worker to attend their house, to refuse admittance and call the Council. Please also ensure that they report any related incidents to the police on 0845 4567000, and ask for any calls to be tagged NHW.

    Trick or Treat

    Please find attached a poster to put up if would like to announce your approval (Yes Treat) or disapproval (No Treat) of trick-or-treaters.

    Chesterfield, Clifton Hill

    27 Jan 2010: We are extremely concerned that lead has been stripped from the roof of the former Chesterfield Hospital allowing rain to penetrate the interior. We have asked the Conservation Department to ensure that the owners, Nuffield Hospitals, take steps to protect the structure of this Grade II* listed building against further vandalism.

    Money for petrol scam

    Aug 09:I wish to bring to your attention a probable scam which has been reported to PC Nick Shaw by several sources.
    Over the last few weeks a man has approached people on the street, and in some cases traders in their shops as well , claiming his car has run out of petrol and he is short of cash. He then asks for money to buy petrol but interestingly enough he has used another unusual ploy. He states he has run out of petrol and hasn't quite got enough to buy the can to put the petrol in and is 90 pence short. Of course, people give him a £1 and tell him to keep the change. Now if you ask 25 people each day and most pay up ( which in all the reported cases I know of they do ) then you have got yourself a nice little earner.
    Now he is either terribly unlucky to run out of petrol every day or he is a fraudster. I believe he is the latter. He is a white man in his late 20's, 5'11" tall and short cropped black hair. Should anyone know who he is Nick would appreciate a call on 0845 456 7000.

    Sponsor scam

    July 09:There was also another scam in the village but Nick has since identified the offender and nipped it in in the bud with that particular individual. A girl in her late teens was approaching people in Clifton village asking to be sponsored to run 3 miles round the Downs in aid of MacMillan Nurses. She produced an A4 piece of paper in a leather wallet with what looked like lots of names and sums on it as though she had collected a lot already. She would then ask for money up front to save her coming back and collecting it so she could hand it in sooner.

    My advice is - never sponsor anybody in this fashion unless you personally know them or had them recommended. Ask the sponsor to show some documentation from the charity proving the event is taking place and never pay up front.


    Squatters are legally allowed to live in an empty property if entry is not forced and there is no criminal damage. One needs get court orders to boot out unwanted occupants. In March 09, this is what happened at Mortimer House. Fortunately they left peacefully, after holding a "weekend conference".
    Warning- do not leave windows open if you have an empty property.

    Paving fraud

    February 2009: In recent months there has been an increase in reported fraud offences across Bristol. These are mainly associated with paving and driveway companies. There is also a large increase in leaflet drops and cold calling at locations throughout the force area asking if occupants wish to have work carried out on their driveways.
    Please be aware of these companies and if you wish to have any work completed on your porperty, please use a reputable firm or take recommendations from friends and families.
    If you do have any unexpected callers at your home, always put the chain on your door and ask for ID. If in doubt keep them out! Never invite them into your home.
    If you encounter any problems please call 0845 4567000, ask for your call to be tagged NHW, and give as many details as possible especially if a vehicle is involved, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

    Distraction burgleries

    Feb 09: We are experiencing a spate of distraction type burglaries where callers are stating they are from the Water Board or kitchen fitters and need to check water pressure. These males have forced their way into the properties and whilst one was checking the water in the kitchen with the owner, the other male was searching the house.
    They are described as following: A gold BMW vehicle may have been in the area at the time of the burglaries, and had dice or something similar hanging from the interior mirror.
    If anyone has any information regarding these incidents, please call 0845 4567000, ask for your call to be tagged NHW and quote reference number BS9665 02022009 04.
    Please ensure all your Watch members are made aware and do not allow anyone to enter there property without property ID and if in doubt do not let them in.

    phishing fraud

    Jan 09: This is a Police HQ message to all Ringmaster registered email recipients in Avon and Somerset This is a warning of a high number of fraud attempts (phishing) supposedly from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The offer seems to be informing people that they are due a tax rebate. We have been asked to let you know that HMRC would not inform customers of a tax rebate via email, or invite them to complete an online form to receive a rebate of tax. Do not visit the website contained within any email or disclose any personal or payment information. We have been informed that the following email addresses used for this phishing include:,,,,,,,,,
    HMRC does not send out emails using these email addresses. The correct website to contact HMRC is shown below:


    We are experiencing an increase in burglaries across all areas of Bristol which are happening at all hours of the day and night. Entry is being gained by forcing windows or doors and in some cases by putting hands or implements through letter boxes and opening doors from inside. A variety of property is being stolen including jewellery, electrical equipment, mobile phones, cash and credit cards. Also vehicle keys are being taken and the vehicle stolen. Please pass on the following advice to your members:

    Peugeot thefts

    There has been a recent increase in motor vehicle crime across the district, in particular a rise in theft from Peugeot cars. Please be mindful if you have a Peugeot car to park in well lit areas and not to leave valuables on display. Various forms of entry have been used from bending the door frames back to smashing the windows.

    selling cars

    Please warn friends, neighbours and anyone who might be selling cars that a male has come to police notice who is stealing cars using very plausible technique such as asking to test-drive vehicles on his own. Several cars have been stolen both from official motor traders and from individuals selling cars through their local press or websites. Please ask anyone with suspicions to report with as much information as possible to PC 3275 Jo Wright of the Bristol Vehicle Crime Team on 0845 4567000, and ask for your call to be tagged NHW.

    Probation cold calls

    July 2008: Although this scam has not yet been reported in our area, I have been asked to pass on this warning message as several areas across England and Wales have reported the following:
    Individuals cold calling looking for a donations or to sell something as part of a rehabilitation scheme run by the Probation Service. The Probation Service does not run any such scheme. The individuals often call in the evening and say it is part of their probation work. We had reports of similar scams running in other parts of the country a few months ago and did receive complaints from Bath although nothing recently. Anyone approached with this story, should contact the police on 0845 4567000 and report it, remembering to quote Ringmaster message reference BN 8404 09.07.08 02 and to ask for you message to be tagged NHW.


    July 08: There has been a leaflet drop in the area, advertising a 'Trusted Quality Cleaning Service for your Home' The leaflet did not state an address for the company, and only gave a freephone or mobile number, no landline contact number was given. Even the Website address leads to something which appears not to be a standard Website and does not give the address of the company.
    A Trading Standards Officers advice is:

    Upstairs burgleries

    Could all resident please be aware of a burglary trend that may be arising in the Clifton area. Entry to premises is being gained though open windows above the ground floor. The offender is climbing up the outside of the building and then shuffling across to open windows to gain entry. This has been overnight and people have been in the buildings at the time of the offence. With the warmer weather I realise it is hard to keep windows closed but please keep this in mind. Please call in any suspicious incidents through the usual channels - 999 if you think that a crime is taking place, is about to take place or has just taken place, otherwise call 0845 4567000. Please always remember to ask for calls to be tagged NHW.

    Fraudulent Male

    4 Jan 08
    This offender has previously been quite prolific. Two deceptions have been reported to the Police so far this week. Should the offender call on you please ring 999 immediately he leaves, if possible giving his direction of travel.
    The first offence ccurred on Wednesday morning 2nd January at around 11am in Oakfield Road, Clifton and the second yesterday Thursday 3rd January at around 7.30pm in Belgrave Road. From previous experience the same method / story is always used with only slight variations. In recent incidents a male knocked on the occupants door, saying he was Mr Hussain and stated that he had recently moved into a house three doors up. He asked to borrow an extension cable. When the occupants produced one he stated that it was not right / not high enough voltage and could he just borrow a few pounds to charge his electric card. He claimed to be asthmatic and was using an inhaler. He said he had money in his house in a safe and needed to have electricity to open the safe. He stated that he would return in a few minutes to repay the money borrowed once he had opened his safe.
    This method of attempting to gain money has been used by this individual several times before. Last year a male was arrested and charged with multiple accounts of this in the Cotham and High Kingsdown area. The previous year he was arrested for the same type of offences in the Horfield and Ashley Down areas.
    The male committing the recent deception in Clifton matches the description of the male previously arrested. He is known to knock on doors at all times of the day and night.
    The male is described as being of Asian / Indian appearance and 30/45 years of age, of average build with dark brown hair. In the first incident he was dressed in a suit and in the most recent he was wearing a striped neutral coloured woollen cap, a jacket with a horizontal stripe on the back and dark coloured trousers. On both occasions he was wearing glasses, described as having rectangular dark metal frames with a slightly tinted lense. He told one occupant that he owns the curry house in Westbury village.

    Credit card scam

    13th December 2007
    Numerous people have e-mailed the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator regarding a credit card scam which is circulating. It is possible for a scam such as this to take place, but it is unconfirmed therefore unknown whether it has actually occurred. It does however confirm how important it is to shred all banking type documents.
    A call is received purporting to be from the Security & Fraud Dept. of Visa or MasterCard stating that your # card has been flagged for an unusual purchase pattern which they need to verify. They then quote a sum of money around £500 drawn on your Visa card issued by, they then quote the name of your bank, paid to a company and ask you to confirm that this is a purchase which you have made. You of course say no. They state that a credit will be issued to your account before your next statement is sent. Then they read out your address and ask if that is correct and state that a fraud investigation will now be started and should you need to refer to this at any time you will need to quote a Control Number. They then give you a 6 digit number and suggest that if you have further questions you should call the 0800 number on the reverse of your card and ask for Security.
    The important bit comes next. They state that they need to verify that you are still in possession of your card, so ask you to turn your card over and tell them the last three numbers on the strip on the back of the card which are sometimes asked for when making purchases over the phone or internet. This you do and they state - that is correct.
    This is the last bit of information the caller needs to access your money. Within a very short time a purchase will be made on your account. Remember, in all this time you have said very little and they had at no point asked for your card number - they already had it. Please remember to protect all your personal details and NEVER give out any banking information over the phone, however legitimate the caller may appear.



    Current legislation regarding fireworks. It is against the law for:
    1. Anyone under 18 to possess a firework
    2. To let off fireworks between 2300 and 0700 ( except Nov 5 when fireworks can be let off until midnight)
    3. To cast down or throw a firework in a public place.
    Should any of these rules be broken please make a report to 0845 456 7000, as failure to comply is dealt with by a £80 fixed penalty. Please advise callers to try and give us the best location possible when reporting in, so that we have a better possibility of locating the offenders.

    Wheel thefts

    On Thursday 28th Sept 2006, a BMW M3 Sports Cabriolet had the frontwheel nuts removed from one wheel in a botched theft in Canynge Road. The driver did not notice until the wheel nearly came off the vehicle. The car had been targeted for the valuable alloy wheels and only the one remaining locking nut saved the driver from possible serious consequences as the wheel began to loosen.
    Please advise anyone with a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche or other luxury vehicle with alloy wheels to fit two wheel-locking nuts, put on diagonally to each other rather than side by side and to check around their vehicles before driving them. A gang is working in the Clifton area, mostly after dark, so please be extra vigilant and report sighting of suspicious activity on 08454567000, remembering to ask for your call to be tagged Neighbourhood Watch.

    Tree Felling scam

    There is a growing problem regarding people cold calling for tree felling. The way the scam works is that someone knocks on the door stating that a tree on the property needs cutting. They offer a low price for that tree and then whilst doing the work they also cut another tree. The occupants are then asked for a sum going into hundreds of pounds. In some cases the callers become aggressive when asking for the additional money. I would advise anyone requiring work on trees to use a known company. Do not be lured into the prospect of a 'quick, cheap job'. Ask around if someone else has had work done and if the work was satisfactory and follow their guidance.


    To report a crime rung Avon and Somerset Police Tel: 0845 456 7000.
    If you have any information which may help officers dealing with these crimes please contact the police on 0845 456 7000, IT'S IMPORTANT THAT YOU REMEMBER TO ASK FOR THE CALL TO BE TAGGED ‘NHW' (NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH) and quote Ringmaster message number BU 099 of 010705. Alternatively you could contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
    A presentation on ID theft is now be found on the force Avon and Somerset Police website - follow links through Community Safety to Neighbourhood Watch and the Scheme Members page where you will find the presentation. No password is needed. The most important facts to remember are to dispose of any personal documents with care and not to respond to any unsolicited requests for information about your passwords or account details.
    Commonly referred to as phishing, emails are also sent by fraudsters in an attempt to collect sensitive personal or financial information from the recipients. Fraud prevention specialists are working 24/7 to help protect you and enable the community to stay safe.
    Log in to your account only from the website. Do not use links provided in any email. Forward any suspicious email asking you to check your account to the appropriate address given on the official website eg to help them catch the fraudster.
    If your bag of rubbish left out over night is stolen, as mine was last Friday, do not bother ringing the police. You will just get a lecture about not using a dustbin, and be told that the police have no time to make a note. Fat chance of getting any help if someone subsequently tries to steal my identity, or perhaps someone was trying to find the latest letters written to the Council! Do shred your utility bills and bank stuff.


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