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RoseMary Musgrave
It has been a quiet year after the hectic time when the licensing laws changed. There have been a few applications for variations to licences, but few new applications. Some difficulties arose because the dissemination of the new licence conditions were not circulated - some still have not been. The Licensing Office of the City Council has been working extremely hard to get this sorted out. A great deal of paperwork was generated in a short space of time.

Remember that if you are troubled by late night noise, music or anything else coming from a licensed premise, it most important to keep a diary of this so that any complaint has a reliable, factual, back up. It also has to be borne in mind that some premises have a condition that they can hold a certain number of events each year which can go on later in the night than normal and that this might be a reason for a later than usual disturbance.

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