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Jon Goodland

CHIS is continuing to thrive and prosper with a healthy membership approaching 1,000 members.

The Society is fortunate to have such a dedicated and loyal membership. Even moving out of the county and country has not dampened their enthusiasm. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that around 15% of our members live outside the area.

Like all good organisations, to remain successful, new members need to be encouraged to join the Society. There will be an article and application form in the next two editions of BS8 which is delivered throughout the area. In the September Newsletter we are asking existing members to hand the information on the tear-out page to a new neighbour or somebody they know who is not a member.

Equally important is the prompt annual receipt of your subscriptions. Reminders are sent to those who have forgotten to do this task. In order to avoid this happening to you, why not join the 80% of members who pay their annual subscriptions by bankerís order. Also just a gentle reminder to those of you who already pay by bankerís order, that subscriptions have been increased to £8.00 per household and £15.00 per organisation, which is still excellent value for money.

The Society appreciates your support over the past year and without it would not continue to flourish.

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