Rocks Railway Restoration

July 2005

Width of the rubble was 16'. We had already cleared 17.5' rubble in May- but had not cleared all of it since it was tiring climbing up the 45% slope with a bucket of rubble to be carried round to the back of the station, some had been shovelled down for speed. We now had to clear the remaining 16' rubble which was at least 2' deep.
Rocks Railway hoist
We hired a hoist on scaffolding to lift the rubble 38' to a skip on the lane on the other side
Rocks Railway hoist up
We needed a rope to keep the barrow from the wall
Rocks Railway digging
The Scammel brothers powering through the rubble
Rocks Railway digging find
Mike has found something
Rocks Railway slide
45% is awfully steep- Mike E recovering after a slide- big masonry being lifted up
Rocks Railway scaffold
Scaffold in Princes Lane
Rocks Railway clearance
4' rubble cleared in one and a half days
Rocks Railway clearance
another 6' rubble cleared in two days
Rocks Railway blood
so much glass- since there was originally a wired glass roof, one was bound to cut oneself
Rocks Railway breather
having a breather
Rocks Railway clearance
6' to blast wall so rubble cleared over half the width in one day- Pete and Chris pleased with their work. Note its alot deeper here
Rocks Railway clearance
Josh's son enjoying physical labour- the heap is going down
Rocks Railway clearance
Bottoming out celebration at the end of another day.