Rocks Railway Restoration

May 2005

Weekly progress diary from beginning of March
Rocks Railway rail profile
Rail profile
Rocks Railway rail springs
Springs on the rails being uncovered
Rocks Railway rail pin and springs
4" Pin holding rail every 28" (and buffer springs and bent bolt to hold wheel stationary presumably before the BBC built the wall)
Rocks Railway cable ends
2 cables per wheel, the other end presumably goes to the bottom
Rocks Railway Mike clearing the easy way
Maggie's Mike clearing the rails by spade
Rocks Railway Lyn clearing the easy way
Lyn clearing the easy way
Rocks Railway Maggie clearing the hard way
Maggie clearing the hard way (by the springs). The wheel has now been painted. Thanks too to Severnside Mike- whose head is shown (he provided the modern photos for the exhibition)!
Rocks Railway 6 rail uncovered
6 rails uncovered, the pile of rubble is getting taller- will be conveyered out in due course
Rocks Railway 6 rail uncovered
6 rails uncovered and visible from the pavement
Rocks Railway Manufacturers name on vent
Manufacturers name on vent outside top station
Rocks Railway grating
Prisms of clear and violet glass to reflect more light into top station
Rocks Railway colours
You can see the original colours of the top station
Rocks Railway alcove
Bricked in alcove in top station- is there anything behind it?