Rocks Railway Restoration

May 21, 22 openday - 2005

Rocks Railway donations
Donations welcome! (Clifton Rocks Railway, HSBC, Regent Street, Clifton)
Rocks Railway signs
Rocks Railway signs and cantilever gate, with Suspension Bridge
Rocks Railway opening
Sir George White (the patron and great grandson of the founder) opening the first stage. James Tonkin vicechairman- and responsible for the superb signs and other woodwork behind
Peter Davey
Peter Davey (the chairman and well known presenter of wonderful talks on trams and the railway) talking to Sir George White
Rocks Railway jazz
Clifton jazz band entering the railway
George White
Sir George White and some volunteers (Pete Luckhurst, Maggie Shapland, James Tonkin, Mike Steadman, Donna Luckhurst, James Bray and Adam Whiting)
Rocks Railway queue
Orderly queue down the stairs (estimated 4000 came)
Railway model
Railway model
Railway boards
Rocks Railway exhibition notice boards with old pictures and new
Rocks Railway bus stop
Bus stop for the buses from the Industrial Museum
Rocks Railway bus
Double Decker buses in Sion Hill
Rocks Railway bus
Double decker squeezing down Princess Victoria Street!
Rocks Railway vintage cars
1929 Peugeot, 1925 Talbot, modern infiltrator, 1925 Lanchester, Riley RME, Moss Monaco, Bristol, MG Magnette outside. A Rolls Royce Ghost and another Bristol also joined the display