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Streetscape 2011-2012

Maggie Shapland

Lamp posts.

Both the Clifton Park and Clifton Cathedral posts were replaced last year and the Caledonia Place and Christchurch Road posts are due back soon. My full survey of all street lights in BS8 provided the necessary photographs.

Tables, chairs & A-boards on pavements

CHIS responded to a request from the Licensing Department of the City Council for comments on the desirability of having tables and chairs on the pavement outside restaurants, cafes and pubs. Regulations have now been drawn up and have been put into force. We felt strongly that although it is pleasant to sit and have a coffee outside, this should not make it difficult for people using the pavement. Another problem is that since the ban on smoking in pubs and restaurants, smokers often have nowhere to go except outside on the pavement. The area a premise may use on the pavement is now defined, which should ensure that those running the businesses and the general public are satisfied. The Boston Tea Party had to remove several tables and chairs.
There are now supposed to be no A boards in Princess Victoria Street because the pavement is too narrow, but they kept on returning. They were finally confiscated.

Telephone Masts.

A constant check is kept on applications for all types of mast, and CHIS objects when they are obtrusive. An application for a large mast that went through the centre of the Clifton Club was not approved, but one hidden in fake chimney posts was.

Cigarette bins outside pubs and restaurants.

These should be installed at all the premises, but they often are not. and even if there, they are not always used. A proposal for CHIS to sponsor bins was dropped.

House Agents' signs.

CHIS gets many enquiries from members asking if anything can be done about the number and placement of signs. We have tried, but it is up to Bristol City Council to draw up regulations. We have had a great deal of success however removing boards that are just advertising estate agents rather than identifying houses for sale or to let. Reporting them as graffiti on a page on the Council website means they usually vanish within 24 hours.

Advertising Banners on balconies.

Banner use is proliferating as the regulations are unclear. Plastic banners that appeared in Westbourne Place and St Paul's Road balconies were removed veny quickly as they are listed buildings. The owner was told that planning permission should be applied for (which would not be granted). The large ad\ertising sheet covering the Chesterfield took rather longer to be removed.

Pedestrianisntion of Boyces Avenue.

The completion of this scheme has led to various complaints and the Neighbourhood Partnership has been involved. but the City Council has yet to resolve the problem.

Street Signs.

We struggle to preserve the old and improve the current signage system.

Christmas lights and summer hanging baskets.

CHIS has made contributions to both of these, which improve the street scene.

Streetscape both good and bad of all kinds

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