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October 2005 to September 2006
Maggie Shapland
usage for August 2005-6

Month Daily Avg Most popular
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Sep 2006 561(698) 442(588) 152(301) 81(124) Railway(project)
Aug 2006 444(506) 342(413) 144(170) 82(108) Railway (pollution )
Jul 2006 444(669) 340(562) 162(307) 83(118) Railway(pollution )
Jun 2006 428(690) 318(580) 132(307) 83(119) Railway(web stats)
May 2006 834(1050) 674(903) 199(377) 104(135) Railway(railway)
Apr 2006 622(411) 499(324) 193(155) 110(101) Railway(streetscape)
Mar 2006 778(210) 570(142) 293(94) 163(60) planning(planning)
Feb 2006 638(142) 504(107) 235(65) 140(35) planning(news))
Jan 2006 877(140) 725(107) 459(58) 148(28) Web statistics nov 05(news)
Dec 2005 672(98) 553(72) 222(43) 120(24) railway(planning)
Nov 2005 546(135) 437(96) 218(72) 111(43) planning(news)
Oct 2005 (712) (594) (277) (129) (streetscape)

Since June 2006, usage has dropped to a steady average 444 hits per day. Some of this is due to the fact that I took the detailed web usage files off in May because they were distorting the figures. For example Mandy Musgrave and Chis Brown (American “stars”) regularly appeared in searches because the web statistics files showed their names. This then perpetuated the myth that CHIS had information on them, and referrals were coming from seedy websites. You can see that in January this is why a web statistics file was the most popular. The spikes in January, March and May are due to the crawlers updating their information about web page content
It has been an easy way to convey our opinions about all the planning developments in Clifton. In February and March the planning pages were most popular because a lot of people were looking for details about Mortimer Road Drug Clinic, Avon Gorge Hotel, Canygne Road etc. In August I started to put up the weekly lists produced by the Council as well as Gill Blakeman’s monthly lists. I did put up the proviso that if non-members wanted help they would have to join CHIS though. The Council ukplanning web site has been very useful because it gives full details of applications
The Clifton Rocks Railway section draws in a lot of people. I have kept my diary of progress and monthly photos there because there is a huge interest in the Railway. Clearly there was a lot of interest too when we cut the hole in the wall to expose the new Sion Hill tunnel. I have also gained several good volunteers from the web pages
More web sites have links to CHIS pages, for example Bristol City Council, and there are specialist web sites linking to the Railway section. Most people still find the CHIS site by searching for specific topics, committee members, plaque information or pictures.
Sometimes you wonder why the CHIS website was found when in September some one had been searching for “floor treads for heritage buses”, “pics of emergency lights on aircraft”, “whiteladies roadbombing”, “quada gas ferry”, “national moth night Bristol moth group; in August “how fast can a cormorant fly”, how to beat a traffic warden uk towing”, “pregnant 10 pin bowling”, “knocking bottom out of beer bottle using hand”; in June “post photo of railroad engine explosion” and so on
It has also had the unexpected repercussion that I have been asked to look after several other society websites. I accepted the challenge of the Bristol Industrial Archaeology Society, but refused the others since my time is such a scarce commodity at both work and home. This site is for the community so I would welcome any feedback on what has been done so far, and what you would like to see.