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Waste Disposal 2011-12

Sharon Baker
This year has seen the introduction of the new contractor, May Gwney, to our area. They have introduced plastic recycling at last and introduced smaller wheelie bins, which caused some initial problems. The old bins are being recycled and used as water butts on Allotment sites by the addition of a simple tap.

Some communal waste collection points like the one in Richmond Terrace are working well but the visual and physical pollution of sites on Oakfield Road and Alma Vale Road need action.

CHIS has been involved with a Waste Audit carried out by the Neighbourhood Partnership, which looked at domestic and commercial problems in our area and indeed at the combination of domestic and commercial waste within the village. A proposed pilot scheme of new bird and fox-proof bags on West Mall and Caledonia Place has been delayed by staff changes. CHIS will be discussing the problem of cigarette waste with the Clifton Village Trading Association.

It is depressing to note that Street Litter still remains a huge problem in all areas of Bristol.

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