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CHIS News Archive 2006-2008

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Severn Estuary Consultation

The Government public consultation on the Severn Estuary is open now until April 23rd 2008. If you have views please send them to or D Cook, Sept of Energy, Severn Tidal Power team, 1 Victoria Street London SW1H 0ET

The RSPB is running a campaign, and would like copies of anything sent; send to or S Roddy Severn consultation campaign FREEPOST ANG6335 RSPB The Lodge Sandy Beds SG19 2BR.

For additional information go to and follow campaigns link

Brunel Swivel Bridge

The Brunel Swivel Bridge project has been supported by CHIS for many years.

Suspension Bridge Resurfacing

Suspension Bridge road timbers Suspension Bridge asphalt
The existing timber kerbs and their mastic asphalt covering were removed, along with the cast iron drainage gullies and the timber splashboards. A new drainage channel was installed, with narrow glass-fibre reinforced polymer (GRP) splashboards and extruded asphalt kerbs on both sides of the roadway. The roadway was also resurfaced, and some of the timber replaced (last done 50 years ago). Work on the £650,000 project started in July 2008 and finished in December 2008.
CHIS Suspension Bridge Pictures

Lord Mayors medal

Gill Blakeman has been awarded the Lord Mayor’s medal in 2008 for long service to Guides and CHIS. Congratulations!

Service review of Bristol's Museums Galleries and Archives

17 Sept 08: I have been asked to circulate this letter concerning the current service review of Bristol's Museums Galleries and Archives for your urgent consideration, and for the consideration of the organisations with which you are involved. Through Renaissence in the Regions, Bristol is the Hub museum for South Gloucestershire. Should you wish to comment or act on this letter, the Unison contact details are at the bottom of the letter. You may wish to comment on this letter to officers or councillors of Bristol City Council. Officers include the

Robert Smith Unit, 11 Mortimer Road: Proposed unit to treat class A drug users

27 September 2006: AWP decide not to pursue the use of 11 Mortimer Road as a drug clinic! The next step would have been on 18 October 2006: Decision by Scrutiny Commission about whether the clinic constitutes a substantial variation of service
More details about the 9 month fight

Suspension bridge Lights

The highly effective lights were switched on on the 8th April 2006 at 9:15pm with a fantastic display of
huge and cascading fireworks
Photos courtesy of Tom Scammell
There was a demonstration of the new lights12 May 9:15 2005. CHIS Suspension Bridge Pictures See information about the lights.
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