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From Minutes of 11 November 2014
Where marked *** CHIS has commented but ### indicates a letter of approval

***. 13/01335/F & 01387/LA - Clifton College

Removal of former cricket nets, erection of replacement cricket net cages and new security fencing and laying out of replacement surfacing. Application withdrawn

13/03848/F - Senate House, Tyndall Avenue

External re-landscaping works and demolition of existing tarmac path areas, re-grading and laying of new paved and resin bonded paths. Creation of new stepped and accessible ramped path access routes of the Woodland Road boundary and associated retaining wall structures. Soft landscaping works along the Woodland Road boundary and within the site along the Tyndall Avenue and St Michael's Park elevation. General soft landscaping works around the site. Erection of Corten feature retaining wall structures within the site. Granted

14/00947/H & 00943/LA - 3 Windsor Terrace

Remove staircase from ground floor balcony and replace with link to existing stone staircase. Create fully-glazed enclosed floor space to the rear. Refused

14/02366/F - Land on North Side of Belgrave Hill

Proposed development of 2 use class C3 dwellings with associated external works. Granted

14/02618/F - Oakfield Store, 34 Oakfield Grove

Change of use application for ground floor from A1 shop to 2 bed flat. Pending decision

*** 14/02500/F - 70 Pembroke Road

Proposed off street parking with access on to All Saints Road. Pending decision (Appeal in progress)

*** 14/02483/F & 02484/LA - Litfield House Medical Centre

Removal of existing undercroft and planting area above to create new vehicle access to site from Camp Hill Road for new staff parking. Pending consideration

*** 14/03172/F - 57 Alma Road

Relocation of 2 stone piers and the erection of 1 stone pier- creation of vehicular access. Pending consideration

14/04204/F - 62-66 Whiteladies Road

Change of use of ground floor from retail (Use Class A1) to café (Use Class A3). Pending consideration

14/01496/H & 04197/LA - Clifton Bank, Clifton Down Road

Alterations at basement level to incorporate a swimming pool, reworking of an existing terrace at ground floor with a new door opening, new bathrooms internally, new internal openings at ground floor between hall, dining, kitchen and insertion of new secondary staircase to first and second floors. Granted

*** 14/02898/H - 3 Wellington Park

Removal of front boundary wall and formation of parking space in front garden. Refused

*** 14/04029/LA - Royal West of England Academy

Installation of metal lettering signage across the balustrades on balcony of building would comprise 50mm built up letters constructed of ss powder coated red with a gold vinyl on the face. Application withdrawn

14/04819/F - 53 Alma Road

Alterations to front garden to create vehicular access for 2 car parking spaces, including partial removal of 580mm front wall and shrubbery/hedge Application withdrawn

14/04878/F - Ground Floor, 58 Royal York Crescent

C/U of part of existing ground floor plan - offices to retail A1 & A2. Minor external alterations. Granted

*** 14/04812/F & 04813/LA - The Pump House, Merchants Road, Hotwells

Pedestrian and cycling link across the junction lock to include new structures across the southern lock, modifications to the existing swing bridge, partial demolition of the Pump House boundary wall and protecting buffer to the north entrance lock. Pending consideration

### 14/03775/H & 03776/LA - 8 Buckingham Vale

Demolition of pre-fab garage/store, partial re-building of boundary wall, construction of a studio/potting shed, alterations to north boundary wall and works to trees. Pending consideration

14/05114/CP - Avon Gorge Hotel

Certificate of Lawfulness seeking to establish that a proposed moveable structure is not development requiring planning permission. Pending consideration

***14/04983/FB- Merchants Dock, Rownham Mead

The proposal is to increase the width of the walkway which runs between the entrance to the former Merchants'Dock and the Rownham Mead development by 3 metres. Pending consideration

14/05014/CE - Bristol Nuffield Hospital, The Chesterfield, 3 Clifton Hill

Application for lawful development application relating to condition 24 (car park) attached to planning permission 10/0593/F.

*** 14/04893/F - 74 Queen's Road

Use of the highway forecourt to place tables and chairs in association with adjacent restaurant. Pending decision

*** 14/05069/F - 5 Maggs House, 78 Queen's Road

Change of use of ground floor unit from A1 (retail) to A3 (restaurant) Pending consideration

*** 14/04860/F - 3 & 4 Prince's Buildings

Application for the retention of i) detached garden cabin with attached deck located to the rear of the property for purposes ancillary to the main residential use of the property and ii) a raised deck towards the end of the garden. Pending consideration

*** 14/05253/X - 2-16 Clifton Down Road

Variation of condition number(s) 1, 8, 10 for planning permission 14/03697/F - remove reference to demolition, to alter hours of operation and list of approved plans condition. Granted

14/05325/COU - Merchants House 26 - 28 Regent Street & 17 - 18 Merchants Road

Prior approval for the change of use B1a commercial offices to 33 self-contained studio apartments with associated car parking, refuse and cycle storage.

14/05308/H & 05309/LA - 37 Canynge Square

New glazed lean to porch to east elevation. Pending consideration


14/05444/H & 05446/LA - 1 Worcester Terrace

Alterations to ground floor kitchen and basement rear bedroom and en-suite and construction of two storey extension for utility space and new en-suite.

*** 14/05403/H - 51 Canynge Road

Construction of new open, covered porch area. Widening of existing driveway. Dismantling and reconstruction of existing pillar in different location.

14/05353/X - Bristol Zoo Gardens, Guthrie Road

Application for removal or variation of condition 1 of permission 07/05272/F - to extend the time limit for the planning permission for an additional 5 years. The building (an aviary) hereby permitted is given consent for an additional 5 calendar years from the date of permission, and thereafter shall be removed and the land restored to its former condition.

*** 14/04500/F - 2-16 Clifton Down Road

Demolition of existing building and redevelopment of site comprising retail floor space (A1 and A3). 14 residential apartments (C3) and ancillary uses. (Major application).
CAP commented on these new plans for this site as follows: ”The Panel considered the treatment of the side wings and the hard landscape had not been resolved. The different cladding of the two wings emphasised the disjunction of the façade. The breaks forward in the previously consented scheme were in glass which had less impact on the street scene. The angled cut off to the pent house canopy produced an over assertive silhouette. The ground floor screens, ramps and stairs would create a poor quality public realm because they appear to be disjointed; they would not create a unified design. Active and lively uses in Kings Rd are essential; the Panel regretted the reduction of the retail units to two. The Panel considered that the Clifton Down Rd elevation is the most important public aspect of this development. Neither the ground space nor open space above it enhances the public realm. The proposal represents a lost place making opportunity in a very important public location."

14/05448/COND - 98 Whiteladies Road

Approval of details reserved by condition Nos 2 (Noise Assessment) and 3 (Energy Statement) for planning permission 13/05289/F - change of use of first to third floors to sui generis cluster flats for students with associated refuse and cycle storage.

14/05455/F - Bristol Zoo Gardens

Proposed creation of anew primate house on an artificial 'island' within the main ornamental lake at the Zoo.

14/05399/F - Bristol Zoo Gardens

Erection of a new covered walkway.

14/05413/F & 05414/LA - Beacon House, Queen's Road

Change of use of the basement, ground and first floors of Beacon House to provide 2544m of education study space (D1) and a 140m café (A3), the enlargement of existing windows, the installation of plant equipment, the erection of a new boundary fence and gate and associated works.

14/05605/COND - Former Whiteladies Cinema

Approval of details reserved by condition Nos 8 (Asbestos Removal) and 9 (Asbestos in Building) by planning permission 14/00639/F - Alterations and extension to allow partial conversion of existing building to form 5 addition flats and alterations and improvements to existing flat and 3 screen cinema including a new disabled access door and lift for cinema.

14/05623/COND - Mortimer House Nursing Home, Clifton Down Road

Approval of details reserved by condition No 8 (Landscaping Scheme) for planning permission 12/00052/F - Residential conversion of existing Grade II* listed property to incorporate 6 houses with associated car parking and landscape works.

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