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Gill Blakeman

Last year’s innovation of encouraging developers to present their plans to the local community before submitting a full planning application has enabled the CHIS Planning Group, together with the Chairman, to be involved in several useful discussions. Those coming under scrutiny: There is a constant stream of planning applications for BS8 but we were particularly concerned at the plans for 101 Queen’s Road (08/05172/F) for student accommodation. This is a mass over-development of the site and completely out of context with the surrounding area with its gracious villas. Nikolas Pevsner referred, in his Buildings of England to the Queen’s Court flats opposite the application site as a menace in which the Clifton character is thrown to the winds in favour of …(a) modernistic form. He continued: This must not happen in Clifton. Architects and promoters will have to think of some way to keep Clifton Clifton. Unfortunately the Planning Committee saw fit to grant permission in spite of at least 48 objections. There has now been an application for the neighbouring building at 99 Queen’s Road (09/02745/P & 02750/LD) to be demolished for further flats with disastrous consequences to the appearance of this particular part of the Clifton Conservation Area.

The flats at the bottom of Church Lane, Clifton Wood are finally complete. They have the merit of being a new hillside terrace, unashamedly modern, and with great views.

Telecommunications masts - After attempts to put a mast on Clifton Green and on the Rodney Hotel, Orange have finally obtained permission for an inoffensive mast on Blackboy Hill, right alongside the old school, with an ugly associated cabinet.

Street clutter - Whiteladies Road now has speed cameras, presumably as a consequence of a New Year’s Day fatal accident at 3.00 a.m. Ugly, intrusive, and for most of the day pointless. There are welcome proposals for more cycle stands in Clifton, less offensive than parked cars, but still more clutter.

The threat of massive development of the green belt in Ashton Marsh and around Long Ashton and Barrow, despoiling the classic views from the Suspension Bridge has moved from being a distant developer’s dream to an actual application.

Members are recommended to refer to the weekly planning lists on the CHIS website and to write to the Planning Department at Brunel House expressing their views on applications that affect them or their neighbourhood. We are always grateful for a copy of the relevant letters.

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