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RoseMary Musgrave
Despite the fact that two working parties had to be cancelled because of the weather, the churchyard has looked well this year. The shrubs and roses in the north west corner, cared for by David Speller, came in to their own with a spectacular show of roses in May
It was sad that the magnificent, large cherry in the main churchyard had to be felled for safety reasons. We knew it had serious rot and had planted a replacement immediately behind. This is thriving with an increase in the amount of light.
The Medieval site had a thorough clearance by the City Council, paid for by the fund collected for the restoration and the generosity of a neighbour. Unfortunately the task has not been completed and we are still waiting and frequently reminding the Council that the stumps of the trees have not yet been ground out.
On the positive side the new trees planted along the wall behind Clifton Road (opposite Richmond Terrace) have grown well and enjoyed this wet summer. The native wild daffodils (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) and the native bluebells (Scilla non-scripta) that we planted three and four years ago are starting to spread naturally which is just what we hoped they would do. Luckily the squirrels do not seem to have a taste for them. It was also pleasing to see that the wild anemones (Anemone nemerosa) made a positive white spread for the first time this spring.
We have given up the struggle to get the water re-connected. It was going to be very expensive. Clifton Road would have had to be closed for several days when a trench was dug to lay a new pipe. We are grateful to the Manager of the Victoria Hotel who lets us use the outside tap when necessary.
I am sure that the whole community is grateful to the small band of volunteers who over the years have turned this neglected site in to a place which is a pleasure to walk through or to sit in.

St Andrews Churchyard

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