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Streetscape 2008-9

Maggie Shapland
Lamp posts.
It took 2 years to have replaced the tall arc light on the corner of Royal York Crescent and York Gardens. Despite constant pressure by CHIS the one knocked down by a council lorry near Clifton Cathedral has not yet been reinstated. A more recent victim was the arc light at the junction of Caledonia Place and Sion Hill. Fortunately Maggie Shapland had done a survey of all the cast iron lamp posts in BS8 and is in a position to help the lighting department when they are making a copy for replacement.

Pedestrianisation of Boyce's Avenue.
CHIS thought the introduction of a pedestriansation zone was an excellent idea. However, there were reservations about the proposal to put a loading bay in Victoria Square and the necessity for moving the disabled space, bus shelter and seats. We asked for a proper management policy to be set up. This was in July and we have not heard the outcome.

Tables, chairs & A-boards on pavements.
CHIS responded to a request from the Licensing Department of the City Council for comments on the desirability of having tables and chairs on the pavement outside restaurants, cafes and pubs. Regulations have now been drawn up and will be put into force. We felt strongly that although it is pleasant to sit and have a coffee outside, this should not make it difficult for people using the pavement. Another problem is that since the ban on smoking in pubs and restaurants, smokers often have nowhere to go except outside on the pavement. The area a premise may use on the pavement will be defined, which should ensure that those running the businesses and the general public are satisfied.

Cigarette bins outside pubs and restaurants
These should be installed at all the premises, but they are not. If the situation does not improve, CHIS may sponsor some bins. This is not to encourage smoking but to help to keep the neighbourhood clean and free from cigarette butts.

Street signs.
An on-going battle to preserve the old and improve the new.

House Agentsí signs
CHIS gets many enquiries from members asking if anything can be done about the number of signs. We have tried, but it is for Bristol City Council to draw up any regulations.

A constant check is kept on applications for all types of mast. CHIS objects when they are obtrusive or inappropriate.

Christmas Lights
CHIS has contributed towards the provision of Christmas lights.

Streetscape both good and bad of all kinds

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